“For the first pitch, you must throw a fastball unconditionally.”

The LG Twins selected Seongnam High School pitcher Kim Dong-gyu (19) in the second round after selecting Kim Bum-seok in the first round in the KBO rookie draft held last September. Kim Dong-gyu is an orthodox right-hander, and his powerful fastball, which comes out of his height of 194 cm, is evaluated as attractive.

At the time of his nomination, LG explained the reason, saying, “Kim Dong-gyu is a player who has the power to overwhelm batters because of his tall and good physique, good straight ball angle, and good pitching mechanism and ball tip power.”

Kim Dong-gyu could not participate in the 1st team spring camp held in Arizona, USA. Instead, he is sweating profusely at the Icheon LG Champions Park. The first goal of his debut season is to open and enter the first team.

Kim Dong-gyu, who recently met with reporters at the Icheon LG Champions Park, said, “It feels different from the field training 메이저사이트I did before when I was in school. His training is really systematic. At night, the schedule for what kind of training to do the next day is always posted. He also likes that he can train while managing his condition. The facilities are also very good. It is different from when I was in high school.”

How did you feel when you were nominated?

He said, “I was so grateful that LG picked me up so quickly. Considering my skills and results so far, I thought I would be nominated in a lower round, but I was lucky,” he said. “I once held a fan meeting called Love Giving Day. At that time, all the seniors came, and I realized that I became a professional player at that time.”

Currently, Kim Dong-gyu’s height is 194 cm. He is exactly 194.6 cm. He boasts the best height among 11 players who came to LG this season. The fastball that comes out of his height is powerful. He didn’t do a velocity check at the moment as he was in the balancing phase, but his highest velocity in his junior year was 147km.

Kim Dong-kyu hopes that he will no longer be tall. He said that the last time he had a growth pain test at the hospital, he was told that he had the potential to grow taller, but if he was taller, he would be out of balance, so he wants to stay that way.

He said, “I don’t want to grow taller. A lot of the balance has been broken. I hope I don’t grow taller because I haven’t caught a ball for a while while I’m tall. And he thinks so even more because what he needs most as a starting pitcher is balance.”

Who would you most like to face when you go pro? He chose Park Byeong-ho, a KT Wiz giant from Seongnam High School. Kim Dong-gyu said, “As a hitter who hits really well in Korea, I want to throw it. The first ball is unconditionally an in-course direct ball.”

Finally, he said, “I always try to do it with a smile. Even when they hit a home run, they seem to accept it and smile, thinking, “The opponent hit well.” The scene of my pitching is also broadcast on TV, and fans are watching it at the stadium. It’s worse if you use your impression. If I am bright, I can give you the belief that I have not collapsed. I want to give fans that kind of anticipation,” he smiled.

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