The ongoing NBA playoffs are attracting more attention than any other season. The two superstars of the league, Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors and LeBron James’ LA Lakers clash, Jimmy Butler’s Big Show, a ‘low-cost Jordan’ who is strong in big games, and a one-two between Joel Embiid-James Harden and Jayson Tatum-Jaylen Brown. A plausible story is attached to all fights, such as a punch battle, adding to the interest.

In the meantime,안전놀이터who is the best performer? It may not be an easy question since all the aces of each team are flying to the front, but more than half of them will pick the Denver Nuggets’ main center and star, ‘Joker’ Nikola Jokic (28‧211cm). As can be seen from the saying that Denver is everything, it is under intense checks every game, but it is because he leads the team regardless of this and keeps track of team performance and personal records.

Unfortunately, there is nothing to go until the regular season where he missed the MVP or the first round of the playoffs where he still showed his power. Just looking at the second round of the playoffs against the Phoenix Suns, which is unfolding right now, you can easily see the dignity of Jokic. Jokic dominated Game 5, which was held at the Ball Arena on the 10th (Korean time) with a tight 2-2, leading to a 118-102 victory and bringing the weight of victory and defeat back to Denver.

After 2 wins in a row, 2 consecutive losses were allowed, correcting the trend that could have been shaken. It’s the same in every game, but Jokic’s performance shone in the 5th game as well. He led the team with 29 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assists in 37 minutes of play. Jamal Murray (19 points) and Michael Porter Jr. (19 points) added strength, and Bruce Brown (25 points) made a surprise performance like a bonus.

In a big game like the playoffs, when an unexpected player performs more than usual, the team atmosphere rises rapidly. This is because another variable that is more than a constant has been created as a plus. On the other hand, the losing team has no choice but to feel even more regret, so there are cases where the aftermath continues until the next game. Currently, it is evaluated that Denver will be able to aim for the championship this season as long as the players except Jokic continue to bring about game 5 performance.

Jokic recorded a triple-double in Game 5, his 10th career playoff career and most at the center position. As of the 2nd round, he is recording an average triple-double with an average of 35 points, 13.8 rebounds and 10 assists in 5 games. there is.

Jokic is doing a ridiculous job, so Phoenix is ​​doing well enough. In particular, the ‘one-two punch’ of Devin Booker (28 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists) and Kevin Durant (26 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists) is consistently doing its job. Durant is a proven scoring machine that is affectionately called ‘district 1 option’ among domestic fans.

In addition, ‘Kobe Kid’ Booker showed off his crazy firepower throughout the playoffs enough to push Durant as the team’s second option. The poor performance in the 5th game was 28 points. Of course, it is true that Phoenix fans were not satisfied with their performance in Game 5. The two combined for an average of 79 points and a field goal success rate of 61.3% in the 3rd and 4th games, where Phoenix won, but in the 5th game, they only scored 54 points and the field goal success rate was 41.9%.

It is a pity that Chris Paul, the main point guard, who has an excellent ability to create chances for his teammates with a genius sense, has an injury gap. Currently, Booker and Durant are scoring a significant number of points with their individual abilities, but I don’t know if they are in good condition, but if they are not, or if they are struggling on the defense, it will be difficult. It’s clear that Paul would have helped the two score with quality passes or used other teammates to give the one-two punch a break. It is a part that makes you feel why the existence of an excellent field commander is necessary.

In an interview with TNT after his victory, Yokichi boasted his characteristic wit. When he mentioned that the presenter was congratulating the center for making the most triple-doubles, he asked with a sly expression, ‘Is O’Neill also on the center triple-double list?’ He made a joke after seeing Shaquille O’Neal (51‧216cm) sitting on a studio chair.

In response, O’Neill wittily responded with the words, “No, because I never pass,” making his seat a sea of ​​laughter. Fans are also unanimous in their opinion that it is good to see the delightful storytelling between a legend who dominated an era and a candidate for a new legend. O’Neill and Yokichi are not only talented, but they are centers whose presence shines even more in their uniqueness. It is not easy to find players who resemble each other in terms of play style.

The special presence of the two can be seen more clearly in the light of modern basketball trends. If you were to point out the characteristics of modern basketball, there would be many, but not a few people gave the answer of ‘basketball that uses a wide space’. As much as that, the meaning of space in modern basketball has become important, and as proof of this, big men who run well with a wider range of activities than the powerful centers of the past are becoming the mainstream. In addition to that, the 3-point shooting is a must.

From that point of view, Yokichi and O’Neill seem somewhat lacking at first glance. However, there are many opinions that this is only due to their uniqueness, but in reality, they are centers that show the value that transcends time. It is evaluated that regardless of a specific trend, it will be able to reign at the top in any era.

It is true that Yokichi, a white center, is behind in terms of mobility and athletic ability compared to the leading black centers of each team. In a way, he seems to have to worry about surviving on the NBA stage, but the reality is different. Yokichi is recognized by everyone as the best active center. Considering his age, he is still in the prime of his career, it seems possible enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with all-time legends as he builds his career step by step. This is because the existence of certain advantages that cover the disadvantages is large.

In particular, his wide field of vision and passing sense are evaluated at a phenomenal level. He doesn’t kneel at all even compared to top-notch point guards who aren’t just good at playing centers. It doesn’t sound like an exaggeration to say that ‘the start and end of Denver’s attack depends on Yokichi’s fingertips’. Jokichi himself runs very fast and cannot jump high, but his passing ability makes many of his teammates run and run. He has often had centers that are good at passing, but considering his ability, it is not unreasonable to say that his level itself is different. In terms of space basketball, he is a center who can ‘create spaces that do not exist’.

As can be seen from the nickname ‘Dinosaur Center’, O’Neal was the representative of the classic monster type big man in his prime. He was 216cm tall with a wingspan of 231cm and a heavy weight (about 150kg). He naturally stood out for his tremendous power, but the gap was so great that even the tallest centers would fall without power when facing him.

O’Neill wasn’t just a strong center. His quickness, flexibility, and athleticism set him apart from other similarly large centers. He wasn’t fast because he was so short, but he wasn’t too slow either. He ran pretty well for his size. Even if you look at the past, you can’t even come up with a similar type except for ‘ancient monster’ Wilt Chamberlain.

Nevertheless, opinions are divided among fans about O’Neill as to whether his style can work in modern basketball. He has a classic style that is mainly active near the post, so it is not easy to play around the perimeter, and most of all, he has no shooting ability such as 3-point shooting and mid-range. In modern basketball, both of the representative requirements for centers are missing.

However, it is the players who set the trend. When a certain player overwhelmingly dominates the league, the trend changes accordingly. In the case of O’Neill, it may be difficult in terms of space utilization, but in some ways it may not be necessary. It’s because it’s a use of space, and it’s because you just have to hit the foot and foot in front of you to break it.

A team with an all-time monster like O’Neal seems to have no reason to follow the trend. It is because even if a team is formed around him, it is enough to challenge for the championship. If the small ball is crushed by O’Neill’s power, on the contrary, the big men who are strong and good at fighting may gain the upper hand again. Maybe if O’Neill plays in the current era, ‘why do I have to match. It seems like you guys are shouting ‘fit for me’.

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