The Youth Sports Festival held the quarterfinals schedule.

On the 27th, the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Boys’ Sports Festival) held in Ulsan Metropolitan City played the quarterfinals on the 28th. On the 27th, the teams that came up through the preliminary match digested the full-scale finals schedule.안전놀이터

In the south-central game held at Ulsan Jeil High School, Suncheon Palma Middle School, representing Jeonnam, defeated Gyeongbuk Sadaebu Middle School, representing Daegu, by shutout, and was the first to settle into the semifinals. Afterwards, Yeon Hyeon-joong beat Keum Ho-jung with a set score of 2-1 and won again after a full set battle following the previous day. Namseong Middle School won Inhasa Daebu Middle School with a shutout, and Jecheon Middle School won Eonyang Middle School in full sets to advance to the semifinals.

In the semi-finals, Yeonhyeon Middle School representing Gyeonggi Province, Jecheon Middle School representing Chungbuk Province, and Suncheon Palma Middle School representing Jeonnam Province and Namseong Middle School representing Jeonbuk Province will face off.

At the same time, all men’s 13-year-old and under games held at Ulsan Seonggwang Girls’ High School ended in shutouts. Cotton mokcho defeated indongcho and Uirimcho defeated Munjeongcho to advance to the semifinals. In the game that followed, Suncheon Daeseokcho and Tongyeongcho defeated Ogacho and Eonyangcho, respectively, to win the remaining semi-final tickets. In the semifinals, Gyeongnam representative Tongyeongcho, Chungbuk Uirimcho, Seoul Myeonmukcho and Jeonnam Suncheondaeseokcho meet.

The women’s 16-year-old and younger division was held at Nambu Elementary School’s gymnasium in Ulsan. Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School and Haeram Middle School beat Geumcheon Middle School and Bupyeong Girls’ Middle School with a set score of 2-0. Gyeongnam Girls’ Middle School beat Mokpo Romance Club, and JoongAng Girls’ Middle School defeated Wolpyeong Middle School with a shutout to advance to the semifinals. Seoul Central Girls’ Middle School, Gangneung Haeram Middle School, and Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School and Gyeongnam Girls’ Middle School will compete for the final ticket.

The women’s under 13 division, which was held at the Ulsan Jungang Girls’ High School Gymnasium, also ended in a shutout. Tongyeong Yuyeongcho beat Sanseongcho, Pohang Yangdeokcho Okcheoncho, Chungmucho Pajangcho, and Sahacho beat Nambucho to advance to the semifinals. In the semifinals, Sahacho, Pohang Yangdeokcho, Tongyeong Yuyeongcho and Chungmucho will face each other.

28th Match Results
Men’s Under 16 Quarterfinal
Suncheon Palma Middle School (Jeonnam) 2-0 Gyeongbuk Sadaebu Middle School (Daegu) (25-16, 25-19)
Yeonhyeon Middle School (Gyeonggi) 2-1 Kumho Middle School (Gyeongbuk) (25-14) , 17-25, 15-6)
Namseong Middle School (Jeonbuk) 2-0 Inha Sadaebu Middle School (Incheon) (25-22, 25-20)
Jecheon Middle School (Chungbuk) 2-1 Eonyang Middle School (Ulsan) (25-20, 20- 25, 15-13)

Men’s Under 13 Quarterfinals Myeonmokcho
(Seoul) 2-0 Indongcho (Gyeongbuk) (25-20, 25-15)
Uirimcho (Chungbuk) 2-0 Munjeongcho (Gwangju) (25-13) , 25-7)
Suncheon Daeseok Elementary School (Jeonnam) 2-0 Oga Elementary School (Chungnam) (25-15, 25-17)
Tongyeong Elementary School (Gyeongnam) 2-0 Eonyang Elementary School (Ulsan) (25-21, 25-19)

Female 16 Sei Habu Quarterfinals Gyeonghae
Girls’ Middle School (Gyeongnam) 2-0 Geumcheon Middle School (Chungbuk) (25-14, 25-9)
Haeram Middle School (Gangwon) 2-0 Bupyeong Girls’ Middle School (Incheon) (25-12, 25-18)
Gyeongnam Girls’ Middle School (Busan) 2-0 Mokpo Romance Club (Jeonnam) (25-22, 25-11)
Joongang Girls’ Middle School (Seoul) 2-0 Wolpyeong Middle School (Ulsan) (25-7, 25-9)

Women’s Under 13 Quarterfinal
Tongyeong Yuyeong Elementary School (Gyeongnam) 2-0 Sanseong Elementary School (Chungbuk) (25-7, 25-9)
Pohang Yangdeok Elementary School (Gyeongbuk) 2-0 Okcheon Elementary School (Gangwon) (25-14, 25-16) )
Chungmucho (Chungnam) 2-0 Pajangcho (Gyeonggi) (25-21, 25-17) Sahacho
(Busan) 2-0 Nambucho (Ulsan) (25-22, 25-10 ) Division Gyeongbuk Sadaebu Middle School (Daegu) 2-0 Munheung Middle School (Gwangju) (25-21, 25-22) Suncheon Palma Middle School (Jeonnam) 2-1 Haman Middle School (Gyeongnam) (25-13, 33-35 15-11) Yeonhyeon Middle School (25-13, 33-35 15-11) Gyeonggi) 2-1 Moon Il-jung (Seoul) (25-20, 21-25, 15-11) Keum Ho-jung (Gyeongbuk) 2-0 Daeyeon Middle (Busan) (25-18, 25-20) Men’s Middle (Jeonbuk) 2-0 Namseon Middle School (Daejeon) (25-16, 25-12) Inhasa University Middle School (Incheon) 2-0 Cheonan Ssangyong Middle School (Chungnam) (25-20, 25-16) Jecheon Middle School (Chungbuk) 2-0 Donghae Gwanghee Middle School ( Gangwon) (25-15, 25-19) Male 13 years old Indongcho (Gyeongbuk) 2-1 Yulgokcho (Gangwon) (19-25, 29-27, 16-14) Myeonmokcho (Seoul) 2-0 Namyangcho ( Gyeonggi) (25-14, 25-14) Munjeongcho (Gwangju) 2-0 Seokgyo Elementary School (Daejeon) (25-13, 25-8) Uirimcho (Chungbuk) 2-1 Geummyeongcho (Busan) (25-13, 16) -25, 15-9)

Suncheon Daeseokcho (Jeonnam) 2-0 Iribusongcho (Jeonbuk) (25-15, 25-19)
Ogacho (Chungnam) 2-1 Juancho (Incheon) (27-25, 22-25, 15-8)
Tongyeong Elementary School (Gyeongnam) 2-0 Seobu Elementary School (Daegu) (25-17, 25-7)

Girls 16 and under
Geumcheon Middle School (Chungbuk) 2-1 Jeonju Geunyeong Middle School (Jeonbuk) (14-25, 25-22, 15-10 )

Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School (Gyeongnam) 2-0 Daegu Iljung (Daegu) (25-14, 25-5)
Bupyeong Girls’ Middle School (Incheon) 2-0 Pohang Girls’ Middle School (Gyeongbuk) (25-15, 25-12)
Haeram Middle School (Gangwon) ) 2-0 Cheonan Bongseo Middle School (Chungnam) (25-19, 26-24)
Gyeongnam Girls’ Middle School (Busan) 2-0 Shintan Jungang Middle School (Daejeon) (25-23, 25-18)
Mokpo Romance Club (Jeonnam) 2-1 Gwangju Weight (Gwangju) (14-25, 25-21, 15-10) Joongang
Girls’ Middle School (Seoul) 2-0 Suil Girls’ Middle School (Gyeonggi) (25-22, 25-19)

Female Under 13 Tongyeong
Yuyeong Elementary School (Gyeongnam) ) 2-0 Yeongseoncho (Incheon) (25-8, 25-22)
Sanseongcho (Chungbuk) 2-0 Mokpo Romantic Club (Jeonnam) (25-23, 25-13)
Pohang Yangdeokcho (Gyeongbuk) 2-0 Chipyeongcho (Gwangju) (25-7, 25-5)
Okcheon Elementary School (Gangwon) 2-1 Samdeok Elementary School (Daegu) (15-25, 25-19, 15-12)
Chungmu Elementary School (Chungnam) 2-0 Jeonju Jungsan Elementary School (Jeonbuk) ( 25-13, 25-22)
Pajangcho (Gyeonggi) 2-0 Sintanjincho (Daejeon) (25-20, 25-13)
Sahacho (Busan) 2-0 Suyucho (Seoul) (25-12, 25-13)

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