Wuhan Changjang, a member of the Chinese Super League, announced the dissolution.

On the 25th, Wuhan Changjiang announced on the club’s SNS, “After careful consideration, the Wuhan Changjiang Football Team will no longer register to participate in men’s professional football matches organized by the China Football Association.”

He added, “The club will take responsibility and properly handle various follow-up tasks. We will solve all the salaries and insurance of the coaching staff and players.”

He also said, “Under the management of the Wuhan Football Association, our club will carry out a smooth transition of youth training following dissolution. We will also actively support coaches and players in the new platform.” 메이저사이트

Wuhan, which was coached by Park Jong-hwan in the late 1990s, disobeyed the referee’s decision in 2008 and was disciplined by the Chinese Football Association and the team was disbanded. As the local team disappeared, Hubei Province founded a new team, Hubei Ruyin, and participated in the league again from the second-tier league (third division). Since 2010, it has participated in the Chinese Super League (second division), and in 2011, Zhongbo Group took over the team. The same year, Zuer Group bought the naming rights again and the name was changed to Wuhan Zuer. He participated in the Chinese Super League from 2013 as the runner-up in the 2012 First Class League, but was relegated after a year. In 2015, the Joueul Group took over the team, and later, Italian coach Ciro Ferrara took over the helm. Above all, it seemed that the soccer team was operating properly by making a home stadium made with a cost of 360 billion won, but it was hit by Corona 19. In particular, from December 2019, he undertook battery training in Malaga, Spain, but was unable to return to China due to Corona 19 and continued to wander abroad before returning after 104 days.

In 2021, when the company name could not be used in the team name, Wuhan Changjang, who changed the team name to ‘Wuhan FC’, changed it back to ‘Wuhan Changjang’ last season. However, relegation could not be avoided. In 2022, out of 18 teams, they failed to get out of the 16th place in the relegation zone, so they had to challenge for promotion again in the first grade league from the new season. However, when the Zuer Group gave up, the team also disappeared into history.

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