The most important thing for Kim Ji-soo to go to Brentford was a work permit. There was a constant effort to solve the work permit problem. It was an effort to become a successful transfer, not just a transfer.메이저놀이터

Kim Ji-soo, the future of Korea’s defense, received an opportunity last season with a line injury to the Seongnam FC defense. Even at a young age, he drew attention for his excellent defense, and was selected as a K-League All-Star in a friendly match against Tottenham Hotspur, and made his name known by participating. He became a regular customer of the national team by age group, and showed good performances in the Asian Football Federation (AFC) Under-20 (U-20) Asian Cup and FIFA U-20 World Cup, raising the stock price.

Brentford are on the move. Brentford succeeded in promotion to the first division in 74 years ahead of last season and came to the EPL. The team is small and there are few star players, but under coach Thomas Frank’s clear tactical system, it has created a sensation by running an unexpected upward trend. This season, it has been cruising without a 2nd year jinx and is putting its name in the top 10.

Brentford is more likely to bring in promising players from all over the world, develop them, and then use them in the first team rather than bringing in big stars due to team circumstances. The reason for trying to recruit Kim Ji-soo seems to be in the same context. A domestic media reported Brentford’s interest in recruiting Kim Ji-soo through an exclusive report, and on May 15, Seongnam reported to ‘Inter Football’ that “Brentford sent an official letter to recruit Kim Ji-soo.”

When the official offer came, Kim Ji-soo went to Argentina to participate in the U-20 World Cup. It was expected that negotiations would take place after the conclusion. Shin Sang-jin, Mayor of Seongnam and owner of Seongnam FC, who had dinner with Kim Ji-soo, who returned home after achieving the semifinal myth, announced on SNS that “Kim Ji-soo is leaving for Brentford transfer” and the transfer was made official.

Negotiations are not complete. We are negotiating and discussing the details with a lawyer, and after all conditions are agreed and finished, a later schedule such as a medical test will be scheduled. It has not yet been finished, but as Mayor Shin Sang-jin said, Seongnam is looking at it very positively. If there is no major change, the prevailing expectation is that Kim Ji-soo will soon buy a ticket to England.

How did you solve the work permit?

The biggest obstacle to Kim Ji-soo’s transfer was his work permit. A work permit is a work visa in Korean, which literally grants you permission to work in England. The issuance conditions were very strict. You can transfer without obtaining a work permit, but then you cannot play for the England team. I have to rent an overseas team, but if that happens, it is difficult to adapt at a young age and I am far from the original team, so there is a high possibility that I will be released even if I get a work permit after returning.

Kim Ji-soo was not applicable no matter what conditions were substituted. The possibility of issuance increases if there is a recommendation letter from a prominent football official, but first of all, Paulo Bento received a recommendation letter from the former Korean national team coach. However, Bento’s recommendation letter was not enough. If this continues, a pessimistic outlook has emerged that even if you go to Brentford, you will only be able to travel around for years on loan for overseas teams.

Kim Ji-soo’s tremendous efforts continued. I received letters of recommendation from Korea Football Association President Chung Mong-gyu and Korea Professional Football Association President Kwon Oh-gap. An official from the Korea Professional Football Federation said, “This is not the first time that a letter of recommendation has been issued. Agent Kim Ji-soo requested it, and we checked to see if there were any problems during the transfer negotiations with the club and issued it.”

An official from Seongnam said, “It was not done at the club level, but Kim Ji-soo made an effort. Of course, we received information while sharing detailed situations.” As three famous soccer players endorsed it, the possibility of issuing Kim Ji-soo’s work permit arose.

Here was also the loosening of the rules of the England FA. Considering that it is difficult to supply and demand prospects in the aftermath of Brexit, through a recent official announcement, the EPL and the English Championship (second division) have eased the recruitment of up to four players who do not meet the existing work permit conditions. This is a condition that can be guaranteed only when England players play time is guaranteed. Following the letter of recommendation, Ji-soo Kim solved the work permit problem by easing the regulations.

Resolving work permit → Possibility of home-grown

When the work permit is resolved, Kim Ji-soo can play in the Brentford first team. Even if he doesn’t play in the first team, he can adapt to the age group or the second team. He is also available on loan in case of emergency, but a loan team is available in England. He’s much better than going on loan to an overseas team.

There is also the possibility of homegrown. Under England FA rules, a player is considered a home-grown player if he or she has played for three years in a team belonging to the England FA before reaching the age of 21. Kim Ji-soo was born in December 2004 and is 18 years old. If he transfers now and plays for three years, he will qualify as homegrown. This is a huge premium.

The EPL requires 8 out of 25 players in the squad to be homegrown players. This is why English national players or foreign players (who belonged to England’s youth team as a child) who qualify as homegrown receive more than the ransom value evaluated in the market. It is a premium that can give Kim Ji-soo a competitive edge in the future.

It is a job that can be dreamed of because of the work permit solution. Negotiations for Kim Ji-soo’s transfer to Brentford, which are going well like water, will soon come to an end without any major surprises, and it is likely that he will go to London for a medical test. Everyone is cheering for Kim Ji-soo to develop further and become a defender who will shine in Korea, as he is the result of his constant efforts to seize the opportunity that came to him and go to a bigger stage.

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