Houston Astros general manager Dana Brown showed affection for Jose Altuve (32) and Alex Bregman (28).

In an interview with local media on the 16th (hereafter local time), general manager Brown said, “We want to keep our players.”

In particular, it attracted attention with its메이저사이트 deep affection for Altuve and Bregman. According to ESPN’s report on the day, Brown told their agent, Scott Boras, “They should retire from this team. He is said to have said that he should stay in Houston for the rest of his life.

Altuve has been a Houston one-club man since 2011 and Bregman since 2016. The two will qualify for free agency after the 2025 season.

Brown’s comment seems to have revealed his will to never miss the two. Houston has previously failed to capture key players such as George Springer (Toronto Blue Jays) in 2021, Carlos Correa (Minnesota Twins) last year, and Justin Verlander (New York Mets) this year. It was intended to prevent further power outflow.

As Brown said, fans are focusing their attention on whether the two will remain as Houston’s one-club men.

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