It didn’t take that long for Mike Trout (32‧LA Angels) to claim the title of the best player in the major leagues. Trout, who made his major league debut with the Los Angeles Angels in 2011 at the age of 20 and played in 40 games, won All-Star, Rookie of the Year, and Silver Slugger the following year. He also came in second in American League All-Star voting.온라인카지노

Everyone said he was a prodigy. He was mature enough to be considered a player who had just turned 20 in offense, defense, and state. Trout, who came second in the MVP vote in 2013, announced that his era had begun by becoming the 2014 Geari MVP.

Trout’s greatness was realized through the MVP vote. Trout was named MVP in 2014, 2016, and 2019. Surprisingly, from 2012 to 2020, he didn’t miss even once, finishing within the top five in the polls. Few players in major league history have managed to maintain top-level skills so consistently. He was a player to whom the title of “the best player on the planet” was unanimously granted.

This activity was recognized in the financial aspect as well. Ahead of the 2019 season, Trout signed a major league record for a total of $426.5 million over 12 years, and jumped to the top of the league in salary rankings. It seemed like a very natural treatment for Trout. However, starting in 2021, injuries began to block his path.

Trout only played in 36 games in 2021 due to a calf injury. In the second half, there was a positive view that he could return, but after his return was delayed, he could not properly digest the season and ended it. He remained in 119 appearances last year as well. There were also leftovers. The story of “Trouble is not as good as before” started to come out.

The reason Trout was recognized as the best player in the league was because he displayed his excellent skills in a healthy way. He played in over 157 games each season from 2013 to 2016. However, as his health deteriorated, Trout’s cumulative grades also began to decline, and the time away from the public eye began to lengthen.

▲ Trout is staying at the worst performance of his career this season

▲ Ohtani is on pace to win MVP

In fact, Trout still performed well when healthy. In 2021, he only made 36 appearances, but his OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) reached 1.090. Even last year, his OPS was 0.999, 76% better than league average. He proved that he still has the mettle, hitting 40 home runs in 119 games. But his unhealthy grades faded.

In the meantime, the position of ‘King of the Angels’ and ‘Major League’s top star’ began to be threatened. His teammate Shohei Ohtani (29‧LA Angels) started hitting up. Ohtani, of course, was a player who attracted a lot of attention from the time he joined. He also received a spotlight worthy of Trout. However, his skills were still lacking compared to Trout. In the middle, there was a pitcher gap while undergoing elbow surgery.

However, from 2021, when Ohtani started a full-fledged two-taping business, it began to suck all his attention. Ohtani threw everyone into confusion by properly realizing the combination of pitching and hitting, which was said to be impossible in modern baseball, from 2021. The 2021 MVP was Ohtani. And from 2022, his good performance continues this year as well. Following last year’s MVP, he is poised to recapture the MVP again this year.

Ohtani has a batting average of 0.295, 24 homers, 58 RBIs and an OPS of 1.002 in 73 games as a hitter this year. He leads the league in home runs and runs batted in. As a pitcher, he pitched 82 innings in 14 games, going 6-2 with a 3.29 ERA and 105 strikeouts. It’s a score that can challenge MVP with just a hitter, but even the pitcher is an all-star level. At this rate, MVP recapture is certain.

▲ Ohtani and Trout have mixed feelings about their results this season

On the other hand, Trout is having a healthy season, but his batting performance has declined compared to previous years. He dropped his batting average to 0.253 in 70 games. It’s hard to believe that Trout’s batting average was. 15 home runs and 39 RBIs are good indicators, but the OPS dropped to 0.831 as the batting average and on-base percentage fell. Not once since 2012 has Trout’s OPS fallen below 0.900.

Ohtani will qualify as a free agent (FA) at the end of this season. There is already an atmosphere in the local area that goes beyond trout and sets a new record, as well as a contract worth more than 500 million dollars. Trout, who has always been king, is replaced by Ohtani. It is natural that colleagues should do well, but even Trout would not be able to understand the current performance. Attention is focusing on whether he will find his record at the end of the season.

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