The legal support process for the Oakland Athletics of the American Professional Baseball (MLB) to relocate their hometown from Oakland, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada has begun.메이저놀이터

ESPN, an American sports channel, reported on the 14th (Korean time) that the Nevada State Senate passed a bill to support the Athletics club’s new stadium in Las Vegas, worth $380 million.

There was a lot of controversy over whether citizens’ taxes should be used to build a new stadium for the Athletics club owned by billionaire John Fisher, but the Nevada Senate passed the support bill 13-8.

The Senate linked legislation requiring the Athletics to allocate new ballpark suites to local communities and donate $1.5 million annually to a fund to help the homeless.

If the bill, which passed the Senate, crosses the threshold of the 42-member Nevada House of Representatives and is signed by Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo, MLB owners will authorize the relocation of the Athletics.

The Athletics club decided to leave Oakland, which it had used as its home since 1968, and move to Las Vegas, and in April purchased a new stadium site near the Las Vegas Strip area where hotels and casinos are concentrated.

The Athletics hopes to kick off the new season at a new stadium in Las Vegas starting in 2027, with a capacity of 30,000 spectators.

Oakland fans, angry that the team was suffering from a disastrous record of 18-50 this season due to the ‘bomb sale’ of owner Fisher, who sold all key players, objected to the relocation of the Athletics club and rather sold the team to owner Fisher. I went into a collective action to pressure me to do it.

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