BNK’s interview room has been newly transformed. 

Recently, BNK has renovated its interview room. A microphone reminiscent of a radio booth was placed on the desk, and a sign ball also adorned the desk. Here, a neon sign is shining along with a large banner with the image of the stadium on the back of the chair.  메이저사이트

Not only this. On the walls of the interview room, canvas paintings featuring the players are hung, creating a more special atmosphere. The reaction of the coaches and players who entered the interview room to these changes in the BNK interview room is also not bad. 

Director Park Jeong-eun, who leads BNK, also expressed satisfaction with the new interview room. 

Coach Park said, “It’s like a radio broadcast. When I go to away stadiums, I feel the interview room is hard, but I feel that the interview room can be so cozy. I hope many players come and do interviews. We have to win a lot of games,” he said.

Jeong Sang-ho, executive director of BNK, said, “I felt that the interview rooms at each stadium were uniform. So, I wanted to decorate it with a friendly cafe atmosphere. I wanted to make the interview room a little more classy, ​​so I decorated it,” he explained about the new interview room. 

This is where BNK’s meticulousness stands out as they put a lot of effort into things that they may not pay much attention to. BNK, which had a successful season by successfully advancing to the playoffs for the first time since its foundation last season, is cruising this season as well, ranking second so far. 

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