Tottenham Hotspur fans are crossing the line as manager Antonio Conte has decided to stay in Italy.

Tottenham said on the club website on the 16th (Korean time), “Coach Conte recently underwent regular checkups following gallbladder surgery. Afterwards, he will remain in Italy and stay at home with his family for a complete recovery. Health is of paramount importance and club members Everyone supports him. Assistant coach Christian Stellini will lead the first team.”

Tottenham is in crisis. It seemed that the mood was reversed by catching Manchester City (1-0 win) in the English Premier League (EPL), but the joy did not last long. He knelt in succession against Leicester City (1-4 loss) as well as AC Milan (0-1 loss)


in the first leg of the round of 16 of the European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). A red flag was turned on not only in the league TOP4 competition, but also in the UCL quarterfinals.

It wasn’t easy in many ways. Hugo Lloris, Yves Bisuma and Rodrigo Bentancur are out with injuries. In the match against AC Milan, Pierre-Emile Hoivier could not play due to cumulative warnings. Conte struggled to bring about results, but in the end he couldn’t smile.

In this situation, even Conte left. Important games are waiting right now, but above all, health is the top priority, so there was no choice. Coach Conte plans to return to Tottenham after fully focusing on rest and recovery at his home.

After the club’s official announcement, frowned upon opinions came out. Tottenham fans insist that it would be better for Stellini to lead instead of Conte. Fans said on social media, “Stellini should be the head coach”, “Just stay there”, “I should have left the command to Stellini long ago. Since Conte returned, I have suffered 2 defeats”, “Actually. Conte doesn’t have to come back.”

These were comments that should never be said to manager Conte, who saved Tottenham from a crisis last season. Moreover, they were opinions close to a curse in the situation where they left due to health problems. Tottenham respond to Conte’s absence under the direction of assistant coach Stellini.

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