“It’s easier to talk to them if they’re around the same age.”

In general, younger pitchers are more likely to battery with older catchers. It’s natural. The KBO is slow to change the generation of catchers. Catcher is a position where experience matters. It is a way to make up for the lack of experience of young pitchers with the experience of catchers.메이저놀이터

However, KIA manager Kim Jong-guk has recently been using backup catcher Han Jun-soo (24) instead of Kim Tae-gun (19) when Yoon Young-chul (Smile Guy) is on the mound. In all three of Han’s starts this season (5 July against Incheon SSG, 4 July against Gwangju Hanwha, and 12 July against Busan Lotte), Yoon started. Yoon has paired up with Han for the last two consecutive matches.

Coach Kim Jong-kook did not intentionally pair them together. Han Jun-soo isn’t even Yoon’s designated catcher. He just happened to put him in at a time when Kim Tae-gun needed a break, and it was Yoon Young-chul’s game, and it worked out well twice, so he admitted that he made the call on the 12th with a little bit of intention and desire.

Yoon feels comfortable with Han Jun-soo’s big frame/KIA Tigers

Before the 13th game against Busan Lotte, Kim laughed and said, “They’re good together, so why separate them?” Indeed, the results of the three games in which the two worked together were generally good, with Yoon picking up the win on 5 July with six innings of four-hit ball, four strikeouts, two walks and two runs. At the time, Yoon’s velocity had dropped off a bit since June, and it was a concern at the hitter-friendly Incheon SSG Landers Field, but he turned it around. Han Jun-soo even went hot that day, going 3-for-5 with three doubles, three RBIs and two runs scored, including his first career home run.

In game four, Han Jun-soo had a mediocre batting performance, going 1-for-5 with one RBI. In a game that was largely characterised by a ‘trick’ from Hanwha right fielder Lee Jin-young that resulted in a ‘dizzying home run rush’, Han Jun-soo was in good hands with Yoon Young-chul. Yoon pitched six innings, allowing three runs on nine hits (two home runs) with six strikeouts and two walks.

Han Jun-soo and Yoon Young-chul also studied a lot to prepare for the game/KIA Tigers

The 12th was another good game against Lotte. Han Jun-soo went 3-for-6 with three doubles, two RBIs and three runs scored. Yoon Young-chul wasn’t as good, giving up five runs on eight hits with three walks and one strikeout in 4⅔ innings, but it wasn’t all bad until he was hit by a pitch with one out in the game. Han Jun-soo and Yoon Young-chul both agreed that the priority double to Noh Jin-hyuk was a mistake, and that single sparked Lotte’s comeback. The Yoon-Young-cheol-Han Jun-soo battery once again realised the importance of each ball.

“Taegun also has a physical burden, so Jun-soo may play more in the future,” said coach Kim Jong-kook. The risk is that both are inexperienced. This cannot be ruled out as they were hit hard in the fifth inning. However, Kim said, “They are both inexperienced, so they are better prepared.”

Yoon Young-chul has a strong competitive spirit behind his smile. He says he’s happy with his chemistry with Han Jun-soo/KIA Tigers

Kim must have received a report from the battery coach that Yoon and Han are more meticulous in their preparations for games. Yoon said, “I’m also new to the first team, so we talk a lot and learn from each other. I study more. It’s good to keep up with him.”

Director Kim laughed and said, “We’re both young, so it’s easier to talk to each other.” It’s not the same world today, but even a decade ago, it was hard for a young pitcher to turn down an autograph from a veteran catcher. It was difficult for a young pitcher to actively express his opinion to a veteran catcher.

Han Jun-soo has had a bumpy adjustment period in the first team. Little by little, he’s improving/KIA Tigers

That’s not to say that Yoon can’t get a word in with Kim Tae-gun now. Kim is a strong leader of his younger pitchers, but he communicates well. However, Yoon and Han Jun-soo have been working well together lately. “Jun-soo is a big guy. I don’t pay much attention to the size of the catcher, but he’s big, so I feel comfortable. They seem to fit well together.” A 43-year-old betting team studying at KIA was born.

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