How will the color of the 23-24 season of Pepper Savings Bank, which greeted the new command tower, change?

Pepper Savings Bank said in an official report on the 17th, “From the 2023-24 season, Aachen Kim (Korean name Kim Ah-hyun), former head coach of the NCAA Brown University volleyball team, has been appointed as a new coach.” .

Director Aachen Kim advanced Brown University to the NCAA round of 64 tournament for the first time in history in 2021. Aachen Kim, who recorded 13 wins and 1 loss that year, was also selected as the Ivy League Manager of the Year. He is 38 years old this year, and he is just two years older than Korean Air coach Tommy Tilly Kainen. 

An official from Pepper Savings Bank, who spoke with this magazine on the 18th, said, “I was young in my 30s, but I was appointed considering the fact that the leader had a considerable experience.” I thought it would,” he said.

An official said, “The United States is not clear about the amateur league and professional league system, and it is a country that mainly plays college team-oriented games, but it is still considered a volleyball powerhouse.” In the middle, we paid attention to the skills of coach Aachen Kim, who raised the team to the round of 64 tournament.” 

Next, the team commented on Coach Aachen Kim, “In a situation where we were looking for several coaches at home and abroad, we got to know Coach Aachen Kim and contacted us. As an American-Korean, he has no barriers to Korea.”

Coach Aachen Kim also paid attention to Pepper Savings Bank’s disappointing 2nd season. Currently, the available players are thin, and injured players are on the rise, and the team is struggling in many ways. 

Aachen Kim, who had never been in charge of a professional team before, tried to help the team by utilizing the rich university leadership experience he had accumulated in the United States, and at the same time delivered카지노 positive opinions that it would be a new challenge for his career. 

Accordingly, when a new coach arrives in early March, acting head coach Lee Kyung-soo, who has led the team until this season, will serve as head coach. Coach Aachen Kim plans to start team care right from FA work after his arrival.

Aachen Kim, the new head coach, has conveyed the opinion, “Acting Lee Kyung-soo, who has been there since the foundation, knows the team well, so I hope we can help each other by cooperating.” 

Regarding the injured players (Yeom Eor-Hung, Ha Hye-Jin) who are currently unable to play on the court, news has been heard saying, “They are diligently undergoing rehabilitation and are improving a lot,” and “I will work hard to build my body even in the off-season that will begin soon.” 

Meanwhile, Pepper Savings Bank will play the 5th game of the season against Korea Expressway Corporation at 4:00 pm on the 18th at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium. 

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