“There is no player greater than the team.”’

Hanwha 155km rookie Kim Seo-hyun apologized in front of the reporters at Bellbank Park, Mesa, Arizona, USA on the 11th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time) Spring Camp Magazine. When I was doing it, the words engraved on카지노, the brim of the hat stood out. As he took off his hat and apologized, he was casually caught by photojournalists.

It’s nothing very special. Kim Seo-hyun said, ‘Let’s mature! Let’s reflect! There is no player greater than the team! Harder than anyone else! Don’t lose confidence! I will take care of the people who help me!’ and carry out the spring camp.

According to Hanwha officials, Kim Seo-hyun said that he looked back on himself while reflecting on the three days after the social media scandal. I don’t know if I wrote these phrases myself or who wrote them, but if I really engrave these phrases in my heart and play baseball, there’s nothing more I want.

For Seohyun Kim, the past 3~4 days were the time to realize the fear of the world. As a well-paid professional player, he should know how much impact his words and actions have on the team and society. It is also important to accept the advice of seniors and leaders.

As soon as Kim Seo-hyun returned to team training on the 11th, she volunteered to pitch in the bullpen. He had no original plan, but he threw 13 pitches. It was quite windy and chilly, but she showed off her wild form in short sleeves. He also digested PFP faithfully. So the situation was settled.

In fact, at the Arizona spring camp site, Hanwha’s response to Kim Seo-hyun was questioned. It is true that Hanwha did not respond more decisively and forcefully. In fact, the dominant view is that the 3-day probation is a penalty for a cotton bat. After returning home, the most powerful measures such as going to the 2nd Army camp or individual training did not come out.

It is best to play baseball with the words Kim Seo-hyun engraved on the brim of his hat in his heart for the rest of his life. However, it is necessary for Hanwha to prepare for the second Kim Seo-hyun incident. Director Son Hyuk said, “Reflection is more important than physical condition. The most important thing is what to do from now on.”

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