Professional basketball Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation’s ‘pillar’ Oh Se-geun announced that he was alive and well as the best player (MVP) in the playoffs after 6 years.

Oh Se-geun카지노사이트 was selected as the MVP of the playoffs by winning 71 out of 94 votes in a press vote after Ginseng Corporation won 100-97 in Game 7 of the championship match against Seoul SK held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 7th.

Since his professional debut in the 2011-2012 season, he has played only for Ginseng Corporation and has been active as a representative ‘local big man’ of professional basketball.

Oh Se-geun played a leading role in helping Ginseng Corporation win the championship in two years, averaging 19.1 points and 10 rebounds in this championship, including posting 20 points and 13 rebounds on the day when the championship was decided.

He recorded an average of 13.1 points and 6.4 rebounds in the regular league this season, but he posted 16.5 points and 8.7 rebounds in the playoffs, and it was more intense if you look at the championship game alone.

In the close game that went to overtime because the game could not be decided until the last 7th game, Oh Se-geun finished the game by scoring the team’s last two points with a free throw at the end of the extra time.

Oh Se-geun expressed his feelings, saying, “It’s been a long time since I received a big award, so I feel special. I wouldn’t have received it without the help of the players.”

He said, “No one said we were a favorite or a strong team before the season, but all the players worked hard in their respective positions from the regular league, playoffs, and East Asian Super League (EASL).” It’s valuable, it feels good, and I’m grateful.”

Se-geun Oh suffered from frequent injuries during his professional career, and there was even a word to describe him when he was healthy. This season, he played in most games and kept the center of the team.

He played an average of 27 minutes and 21 seconds in 52 games in the regular league, and played an average of close to 36 minutes in the championship game, showing off his presence with a much better record.

Oh Se-geun said, “There will be no basketball life more like a ‘roller coaster’ than mine. I even took a picture of the floor, but when I heard such a story, I worked hard with the mindset of ‘wait and see’.”

“I started exercising late, got injured often, and it wasn’t flashy, but I’m playing basketball like this. I’m proud to be a player who puts in a lot of effort,” he said. You just have to clean it well from the beginning,” he advised his juniors.

In this series, along with Oh Se-geun, SK Kim Seon-hyeong, the regular league MVP, dominated the court, and the veteran’s potential shone.

Oh Se-geun and Kim Seon-hyeong graduated from the same Chung-Ang University and were selected as the 1st and 2nd picks, respectively, in the 2011 rookie draft.

Oh Se-geun said of Kim Seon-hyeong, “I’ve been watching him since I was young, but I think he’s a really great player. He’s very good. He’s on a different team, but he really ‘respects’. This series was really great, and he will play great next season.” said thanks.

He won the championship four times while playing for Ginseng Corporation, including this season, and reaffirmed that he is the symbol of the team as the third MVP, and now he becomes a free agent (FA).

Oh Se-geun confessed, “It would be nice to fill 5 championship rings, but even 4 is too difficult.” I want to wear even a dog,” he emphasized.

Regarding FA, he said, “I haven’t thought about going somewhere else, but it would be strange if I went somewhere else. I think the club will pay a lot of attention to it.” I will,” he said.

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