Leading Italian media analyzed the reason why Kim Min-jae conducted a shocking interview and expressed that he “exploded.”

Kim Min-jae, who joined the Korean national team to digest the A match, stood at the center of controversy after the last game against Uruguay, saying, “It is very difficult mentally and football. I want to focus on my team now rather than the national team.” 

Kim Min-jae posted a long apology on his social media the next day when his remarks caused a big wave.

He said, “I’m posting this because the meaning of hardship 먹튀검증was misrepresented. I never took it for granted when I didn’t do my best as a representative player, when I was listed on the national team list, or when I started playing in the national team game.” Cleared all doubts. 

After he left a lengthy apology, domestic fans who were disappointed with Kim Min-jae and his remarks about the national team changed to a somewhat understanding and accepting mood.

However, the spark is flying in Italy, where Kim Min-jae is playing. He paid attention to his remarks and began to analyze the reason. 

Italy’s leading sports magazine ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ reported on the 30th (Korean time), “The real reason that made Kim Min-jae angry,” and reported the controversy over his national team remarks. 

The newspaper said, “Kim Min-jae posted a long apology to Korean fans, he exploded after the last game against Uruguay. We have confirmed the real reason.” 

Then, the media guessed why Kim Min-jae was angry, “He probably didn’t like coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s decision to play him for 180 minutes in two friendly matches against Colombia and Uruguay.” “Comparatively worthless, especially compared to his next schedule at Napoli.”

“He may have wanted to maintain his best physical condition ahead of the three-game series against AC Milan, where he has to play in Naples,” he said, noting that the forced march in Korea ahead of the tough league schedule may have made his heart difficult.

The media also emphasized that there will be transfer-related stress. In fact, in a recent interview, Kim Min-jae openly revealed that he had stress due to the transfer-related news, and that he was experiencing a lot of difficulties.

La Gazzetta dello Sport said: “In recent interviews he has been asked persistent and repetitive questions about his future. 

Even the local media in Naples paid attention to Kim Min-jae’s remarks and searched for the meaning in his interview. Napoli fans are also expected to pay a lot of attention to whether Kim Min-jae will be able to dismiss all the reasons for this for the rest of the season and erase all the controversy with his outstanding performance once again. 

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