Jeonbuk Hyundai won the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 round 16 against Ulsan Hyundai at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 3rd in the Hyundai Derby, 2-0 thanks to Cho Kyu-sung and Moon Seon-min’s consecutive goals.먹튀검증

With this victory, Jeonbuk prepared a stepping stone to jump to the top with 6 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses with 21 points.

In the meantime, Jeonbuk and Ulsan have always waged a fierce war. Based on solid power, they faced off as the championship candidates. From the 2019 season, the K-League 1 championship and runner-up were the difference between Jeonbuk and Ulsan. While Jeonbuk achieved the best results, Ulsan consulted with them and reached the top of the K-League 1 last season.

It is not a situation where they are competing for the championship this season, but the confrontation between Jeonbuk and Ulsan is more nerve-wracking than ever. Jeonbuk and Ulsan have met 110 times so far, and are balanced with 40 wins, 29 draws and 40 losses.

Prior to the match, attention was focused and it appeared as a reservation. An official from Jeonbuk said, “Ahead of the game, about 21,000 tickets were booked. If we include existing season ticket subscribers, we expect the largest number of spectators to visit the stadium this season.”

Jeonbuk vs. Ulsan’s Hyundai derby drew attention. A fierce cheering battle ensued before the game. The Jeonbuk club invited the Chuta team to commemorate June, the month of Patriots and Patriots. They also sang the national anthem.

Um Ji-yoon, a broadcaster who has recently been attracting attention, was also invited. It was possible because it was a Coupang Play Couple Pick match. After Uhm Ji-yoon performed the ceremony, he followed the image of Premier League top scorer Elling Hollan (Manchester City), who looked just like him, and the crowd applauded loudly.

Jeonbuk and Hyundai of Ulsan visited the derby with 27,797 spectators. About 3,000 Ulsan fans also cheered for the away game. The voices of Ulsan fans who visited the Jeonju World Cup Stadium to support Ulsan, which is in the top spot this season, were also loud.

The result was Jeonbuk’s victory. In the second half, substitute Cho Kyu-sung and Moon Seon-min scored goals, and Jeonbuk won through a fierce game.

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