In the Golden Lion National High School Baseball Championship, the strike zone is operated by a ‘supplemented’ robot referee.

The Korea Baseball 먹튀검증Softball Association (KBSA) announced on the 12th that “The Golden Lion National High School Baseball Tournament and Weekend League King of Kings, which opens on the 14th, will apply the strike zone that has been reset and operate robot referees from the first round.”

The association introduced and operated robot referees from the round of 16 of the 2023 Shinsegae E-Mart Cup National High School Baseball Championship in March.

Reflecting the voices of the field about the low ball and the left and right strike zones raised at the time, the strike zone was reset through supplementation and verification in the high school baseball weekend league game.

The association said, “KBSA referees attended and applied various strike zone setting plans to high school baseball weekend league games, and as a result, the top and bottom of the ball were raised by about half compared to before. “I tried to reduce the gap in the strike decision for the low ball,” he explained.

The Korea Baseball Softball Association operates a robot referee that resets the strike zone. (Photo = Provided by the Korea Baseball Softball Association) *Resale and DB prohibited
In addition, he said, “In the current structure where both the front and back sides of the home plate are judged as a strike, the judgment surface was moved to the catcher’s side to supplement the judgment for falling breaking balls.”

The association said, “We will continue to operate robot referees to provide fair opportunities and accurate judgments to players. I will go out,” he said.

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