There is a 5th division club called Barnett in London, England. The old home stadium ‘Underhill Stadium’ was quite famous. This is because the ground tilted from left to right based on the headquarters seat. In fact, when looking across from the headquarter seats, the line where the audience seats and the ground meet was slanted. Naturally, the team that attacks from left to right has an advantage. Don’t worry. They switch sides in the second half.

It is difficult to먹튀검증 imagine such an environment at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. The two teams digest 90 minutes in the same environment. However, the 100th Super Match of the K-League was not like that. The match was tilted to one side to the extent that the title of the greatest rivalry was overshadowed. Both the scoreline and the atmosphere had a steeper angle than ‘Underhill Stadium’. FC Seoul swung a punch from top to bottom, and Suwon Samsung Bluewings received it with their whole body. It was a Saturday afternoon when the media’s regular comment, “The ranking table is meaningless,” was infinitely embarrassing.

Seoul supporters chanted “Suwon relegated, Suwon relegated” whenever a goal was scored. The goal was enough to thrill the home fans. The first goal came from Na Sang-ho, who was the most prominent player in the team this season. After scoring a goal, national team winger Na Sang-ho put his hands to both ears in front of the blue fans. It was like watching Lionel Messi in the quarterfinals of the Qatar World Cup. Na Sang-ho said, “I didn’t mean to do that, but the opposing fan showed his middle finger, so I stopped without realizing it.” Hyungyu Oh is now in Scotland.

Hwang Eui-jo’s first field goal was a joy button that all ‘black teeth’ could not help but be happy. When Palosevic scored the third goal, the cry of “Suwon relegated” reached its peak. Seoul fans responded to Mulich’s comeback goal with “Service! Service!” and cheered. Were there any supporters who enjoyed this much after scoring a goal in a super match? The first super match in 2023 was 90 minutes with a lot of odd corners.

For Seoul, the 100th Super Match was a party. The relief of getting out of the tunnel that lasted for several seasons, the sense of achievement in regaining the number of spectators lost to the Corona 19 pandemic, and the satisfaction of being able to laugh at the misfortune of a rival you hate the most filled the Sangam Bee. Coach Ahn Ik-soo said, “In Korean soccer history, the Super Match is a game that gives a big message, and I think the fans gave it that drive.” The ‘big win’ of a big match is a privilege that only K-League supporters can enjoy. Even manager Ahn Ik-soo, who was more cautious than anyone else in his words and actions regarding scoring and winning, had no choice but to smile broadly on this day.

Captain America says “I can do this all day” while having a nosebleed, but Suwon doesn’t have the strength to do that. The 1-3 defeat was just a number. As the game progressed, Suwon slipped into the abyss and descended. The Suwon fans who filled the away cheering seats had to take the sole comfort of helping the team achieve 30,000 spectators in a super match in four years. The coach responsible for the performance left, and the players who bowed their heads looked too pitiful to be blamed. Blue fans denounced the management of the club. The target was nowhere to be seen in Sangam. No, it couldn’t be seen.

Suwon players had already lost before the match. There was no way for the players who shrank from the rivalry to keep their confidence. Acting manager Choi Seong-yong said, “I will find a way to overcome the burden and sense of defeat.” The history of Suwon Samsung Bluewings does not match the words ‘burden’ or ‘consciousness of defeat’. This is even more so for a team that was once confident in saying, “We have to play against each other only after 2004.” Ki Sung-yong, who had experienced the same sickness just a few months ago, explained, “I think that the burden we have had over the past few years has been greatly affected.” The burden is so scary.

Acting manager Choi Seong-yong looked as if he was about to burst into tears at any moment. The voice trembled slightly. It was closer to frustration than anger. Acting coach Choi bowed his head, saying, “As you know, there are only resources like this right now.” However, Suwon’s current squad is the product of years. The total annual salary of the recent players goes at least halfway within the league. It’s not enough to dream of trying on the crown one more time under the white snow, but it’s not a housekeeping that you can’t fall in the last place or use your strength in a super match. Suwon insiders hope to level the tilted playing field again. There are many fans who want to see the Super Match next year as well.

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