The first gold medal in Korean athletics was born at the Asian Indoor Athletics Championships.

Jeong Yu-seon (26, Ansan City Hall), a national team member who competed in the women’s shot put final at the ’10th Asian Indoor Athletics Championships’ held in Astana, Kazakhstan on the 11th (Korean time), threw메이저사이트 16m98 in the fourth round to rise to first place.

With this, Jung Yu-sun achieved the feat of winning the gold medal at the Asian Indoor Track and Field Championships, her first Korean track and field event. Previously, Korea’s best record in athletics at the same event was Jang Yoon-hee’s silver medal in the women’s pole vault at the Hangzhou Games in China in 2012.

Jeong Yoo-sun said, “I started the game in a very nervous state as it was my first senior international competition, and the start record was sluggish, but I believed in myself and proceeded with the game. revealed

Lee Soo-jung (30, Seogwipo City Hall), who competed together, won the silver medal by throwing 16m45.

In addition, Yoo Gyu-min (22, Iksan City Hall) won the bronze medal by jumping 16m73 in the men’s triple jump final, and Kim Jang-woo (24, Jangheung-gun Office) recorded 16m39 and took 5th place.

After the game, Kyu-Min Yoo said, “I am very happy to have obtained the results I have prepared for in my first international indoor competition. I made up my mind.

On the other hand, ‘national representative Woo Sang-hyeok (27, Yongin City Hall)’, who ranked No. 1 in the world men’s high jump last year, will compete in the men’s high jump final at the 10th Asian Indoor Athletics Championships held on the 12th at 8:30 pm (Korean time).

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