Brian Cashman, general manager of the New York Yankees, made a statement about the power gap due to recent injuries.

In an interview with local media on the 3rd (hereafter local time), Cashman said, “I want to tell the fans. Don’t give up yet. We have to look at the long term,” he said.

What he mentioned to the fans is that there has been a series of injuries and departures within the team recently. Currently, New York’s 40-man roster has 12 players on the injured list, including Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Carlos Rodon and Luis Severino.

In particular,메이저사이트 after the news of the injuries of Judge and Stanton became known, there are voices of concern among local fans about managing their physical condition, which was an endemic disease in New York.

Regarding this, General Manager Cashman said, “It is true that it is scary to ruin everything with an injury from the beginning of the season.” “But they are the best players. As long as we recover our condition, we can win.”

He continued, “They are influential and talented players. If it comes back to normal, we can get what we want. If the season was short, we would have been eliminated, but baseball can see a year. We have time,” he added.

Regarding criticism from some fans, “The players are not guilty. It was completely my fault,” he apologized.

New York is currently in last place in the American League East. In the last 10 matches, they have achieved 3 wins and 7 losses, and are experiencing a downward trend.

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