It is said that sports and politics are separate, but not necessarily in Russia. The voice of not allowing Russian athletes to come to the Asian Games and Olympics is getting stronger.

This is reporter Choi Ha-eun.


The bridge over the Seine where the opening ceremony is held and the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris, are also printed in patterns throughout the stadium.

The design and pictograms that will embroider the Paris Olympics were released to create a festive atmosphere, but 메이저사이트the mayor of Paris poured out worries and anger.

[An Hidalgo/Paris Mayor: I can’t imagine (the Russian delegation) coming to Paris and marching. Bombs continue to fall on Ukraine.]

Recently, the IOC opened the way for Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate as neutral countries.

Although it was nailed that it was “not a delegation from two countries,” some countries even hinted at the possibility of a boycott.

[Olexandr Usyk/Ukrainian Boxing Gold Medalist: The medals won by Russian players are medals of blood, death, and tears.]

Some analyze that it could lead to the biggest rift in the Olympic movement since the Cold War era, inviting Russian players to the Hangzhou Asian Games. The policy of doing so also raised controversy.

Criticism is strong that it is a trick that gives you a chance to win an Olympic ticket.

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