Shohei Ohtani caused a sensation in the major leagues of American professional baseball with a double job as a pitcher and a hitter, but evaluations came out that he was still not as good as Ichiro Suzuki.

On the 26th (Korean time),메이저사이트 the US Sporting News placed Ichiro at the top of the leaderboard in a special article titled ‘Ranking of the best Japanese players in MLB history’.

The media said of Ichiro, “Statistically, it can be argued that Ichiro’s 2004 season was his ‘best season’, with higher batting average (.372), on-base percentage (.414), and slugging percentage (.9.2), but the madness of the field and the sport in general. In terms of impact, few seasons can match Ichiro’s MLB debut.” “He won the AL MVP and Rookie of the Year award, led the Mariners to 116 wins, and officially moved out of the era of Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez.”

“Shohei Otani is amazing, but given his short career, Ichiro still sits at the top of this list. Including a new major league record of 262 hits in 2004, he exceeded 200 hits every year for the first 10 seasons of the major leagues until the age of 36, and recorded 1278 hits in Japan and debuted in the major leagues at the age of 27. reached He is on the list of the most influential and successful baseball players worldwide.”

2nd place is Ohtani.

“When he finishes his career, Ohtani may be the greatest player ever to wear a major league uniform, but that long and arduous road will take him to multiple more MVP trophies (or Cy Youngs) and more than one World Series championship. But he’s already off to a good start with two of the most amazing seasons of all time. But for now, Ohtani still lags behind Ichiro on this list because Ichiro is an absolute legend and Ohtani is just a legend in the making.”

Darvish Yu was third, Nomo Hideo was fourth, and Matsui Hideki was fifth.

After that, Hiroki Kuroda (6th), Koji Uehara (7th), Masahiro Tanaka (8th), Hisashi Iwakuma (9th) and Kazuhiro Sasaki (10th) made their names in the top 10.

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