In high school baseball this season, the fielders are struggling as a whole.

This year’s 3rd grade generation may have relatively weak fielders, but above all, right-handed pitchers are very strong. Now, if you can’t throw 150km, you can’t even get close to a first-rounder. That’s what makes the weakness of the beasts stand out even more.

In addition, 스포츠토토pitchers can drive issues only with velocity in practice games, but fielders are in a position that stands out only when they play. It is the same reason that Kim Min-seok (19, Lotte) stood out after the season started last year.

Sae-Gwang and Park Ji-Hwan are also representative players who emerged from E-Mart Bae. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is the player who has raised his ransom the most along with Cho Dae-hyun. In fact, to say that Park Ji-hwan is a player who suddenly emerged is a bit of a misnomer. This is because he is an infielder who boasted excellent offensive power, recording a batting average of 0.458 last season.

Last year was great, but this year Park Ji-hwan’s bat has heated up even more. Although, he hasn’t played many matches, but he’s huge. He went 25-for-35 with 14 hits and one home run for a whopping 0.560 batting average. There is not a single strikeout here. Looking at the pace so far, it is very similar to the pace Kim Min-seok showed last year. Kim Min-seok also showed a batting average of close to 60% with no strikeouts until last year’s 60th at bat. This also means that Park Ji-hwan is also a candidate for the ‘Lee Young-min Strike Award’.

Park Ji-hwan also showed a good performance in the face-to-face confrontation with Jang Hyun-seok, who is considered the biggest fish class. He hit the ball with the highest speed of 154.4 km thrown by Jang Hyun-seok and hit it with a well-hit center field fly. It would have been a hit if center fielder Kim Seon-yeop hadn’t dived and caught it. I don’t know how the direction of the game has changed. Many officials who watched the scene showed interest in Park Ji-hwan.

On that day, SSG Kim Seong-yong, the general manager, was also seated at the stadium. This is because Shinsegae E-Mart Bae is a tournament hosted by SSG together with the Korea Baseball Softball Association. General manager Kim, who served 20 years at Yatap High School and was well versed in amateur baseball, also paid attention to Park Ji-hwan’s potential.

The defense is also evaluated as good overall. Overall, the defense continued without any corners. An official from a club said, “First of all, the bat is excellent, and the shoulder is fine. We’ll have to watch him a bit more, but he’s good defensively overall.” He is also not short at 183 cm.

Currently, there are about five ‘shortstops’ that are attracting attention in high school baseball, including Park Ji-hwan. They are Daegu Sangwon High School Lee Ho-jun, Seongnam High School Lee Jae-sang, Yushin High School Park Tae-wan, and Gyeonggi Aviation High School Park Jung-hyun. Lee Ho-jun’s stable defense and sophisticated bat skills are his trademarks.

Lee Jae-sang’s main weapon is his long hitting power and strong shoulder in his large stature. He is a mighty dark horse. He continued to be unable to come out due to an injury, but joined from the E-Mart ship. Park Tae-wan is a shortstop who boasts sound defense. He was even selected for the youth national team as a sophomore last year. Gyeonggi Aviation High School’s Park Jeong-hyeon has the advantage of right-handed hitting and currently has 6 stolen bases. Although he is disappointing at hitting, his feet are quite fast and his solid defense stands out.

However, looking at the current point of view, the player who stands out the most is Park Ji-hwan.

A club team leader said, “There are still decent infielders this season, but large players like Lee Jae-hyun (20, Samsung) and Kim Do-young (20, KIA) are nowhere to be seen. However, the value will continue to rise as the season progresses. Clubs that need an infielder have no choice but to hire them quickly. because there is no past Especially in a season like this year when infielders are in short supply,” he said. Last year, Hanwha Eagles broke everyone’s expectations and nominated Moon Hyun-bin (19, Hanwha) as the overall No. 1 example.

Did the fielder’s counterattack begin amidst the pitchers’ tremendous blast? If so, the vanguard is definitely Park Ji-hwan.

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