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It was a place where expectations and doubts all came together. However, it was a press conference where the senior background could not be clearly heard. The press conference of Mikhail Müller, chairman of the Korea Football Association (KFA) Power Reinforcement Committee, who played a decisive role in appointing Jürgen Klinsmann as the new coach of the Korean national soccer team, tried to mix laughter and wit with long words, but the most important thing was missing.

Chairman Muller held a press conference on the appointment of Klinsmann as head coach at the multi-purpose conference room on the 2nd floor of the Korea Football Association located in Sinmun-ro, Seoul on the 28th at 2:00 pm. The Korea Football Association delivered the news of Klinsmann’s appointment through a press release on the evening of the 27th, and the press conference was a place to hear the practical views of Chairman Muller, who was in charge of the selection of candidates and contracts.

It was a conference that was decided and announced so suddenly that the media’s attention was inevitably drawn. At the conference that day, Chairman Mueller had several issues that he had to reveal to the fans in detail. ▲ Communication with the member of the power-training committee, which was seen as a passing controversy ▲ Detailed work process process leading to the appointment of director Klinsman ▲ Problems with director Klinsman’s stay in Korea and future operation plans ▲ There were many very big issues such as the background of director Klinsman’s appointment.

Chairman Mueller’s press conference, which began with everyone’s remarks, “I want to meet the day when I can bring coach Klinsman as soon as possible and draw a successful future for Korean soccer,” did not answer this. Chairman Müller seemed to be very kind and serious about answering the questions given. However, in the lengthy message, there was no meaningful answer that fans should have heard.

The only thing he revealed was to clarify the misunderstanding that the matter was carried out without communication with the time table and power reinforcement committee members in the process of appointing a director. In fact, this too could have been an unsatisfactory answer depending on the perspective.

This conference should have given a clear answer to the public question, ‘Why does the Korea Football Association use Klinsman?’ and ‘Why does Klinsman do Korea?’ But the obvious things kept coming out.

As an example, questions were asked about the process leading to the contract with manager Klinsman. Then, Chairman Muller’s answer was to focus on his relationship with Korea, from the 1994 FIFA World Cup match against Korea to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar World Cup TSG (Technical Study Group) with Cha Du-ri FC Seoul coach메이저사이트. Rather than a problem with interpretation, it seemed that he couldn’t grasp the context of the question well. For this reason, it was the ‘time table’ related to the appointment process that led to the answer by repeating the same question over and over again.

The problem is that the answer to this time table also ended with when this happened, but there was no detail. Questions that went a little deeper were avoided by mentioning respect for the leaders in question.

The most frustrating thing was that he refrained from commenting on questions that could have been revealed. When asked about Klinsman’s stay in Korea, Chairman Müller subtly avoided it, saying, “I can’t reveal the terms of the contract, and I can tell you that Klinsman wants to stay in Korea.” Director Klinsman’s stay in Korea is not simply a matter of liking Korea or Korean soccer. It is a question of whether he will be able to focus 100% on the management of the Korean national football team.

The same goes for questions about the coaching staff. Chairman Müller appealed to Klinsman as a “manager-type” coach. He added that EPL coaches do not teach their players where to pass. In the first place, it is understandable that coach Klinsman can be so far because it is so famous that soccer fans know that coach Klinsman is a leader who has achieved results by receiving assistants such as assistants throughout his career.

So, questions from the head coach were absolutely necessary. This is because Korea’s military power can change depending on which competent aide is brought. Then, as if to overturn his previous explanation, Chairman Müller replied, “Coach Klinsman also has strengths in tactics.” At the same time, he said about the problem with the coaching staff, “It is difficult to explain the situation in detail because the process is not yet complete. I will explain it later.” In the end, this, too, was not a straightforward explanation.

To sum up, a lot of questions were asked at this conference, and very long answers came out. Even so, even at the end of the press conference, the media who visited the scene continued to raise their hands asking for a chance to ask questions. It seems like you’ve heard a lot about something, but there’s no substance to it, so it’s a natural reaction. In the end, the ball went to coach Klinsman, who became the new face of Korean soccer. What can we hear from coach Klinsman, who plans to visit Korea next week? Can he get a cool answer from him?

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