As Celtic coach Ange Postecoglu became the new Tottenham manager of the English Premier League (EPL), rumors of Celtic players transferring to Tottenham are hot.스포츠토토

In particular, there are many transfer rumors of players from Japan. In the first place, Postecoglu’s favorite pupil and striker Kyōgo Furuhashi, who played a major role in Celtic’s ‘domestic treble’, was named. Local media predicted that Furuhashi could be a replacement for Harry Kane, who is expected to leave Tottenham.

And another player from the Japanese national team is strongly linked to Tottenham. Central midfielder Hatate Leo. Hatate, 25, has played for Celtic since 2022. Postecoglu was an essential resource in midfield in managerial tactics.

When Hatate was connected to Tottenham, Alan Hutton, a senior who had experience playing for Tottenham from 2008 to 2011, gave a ‘one shot’.

“For Postecoglu to bring Hatate to Tottenham is a bad persuasion,” he told England’s ‘Football Insider’ confidently. Hatate is not the player Tottenham need.”

“We have to talk about the top four or the big six next season,” Hutton continued. It’s just that Tottenham doesn’t have to have that type of player right now.”

His argument is that the midfielder that Tottenham desperately needs right now should be a more attacking type. Tottenham’s offensive power last season left a disappointment. Tottenham relied too much on Kane. Therefore, it is said that an aggressive midfielder who can revitalize the Kane-Son Heung-min duo is the most needed resource for Tottenham right now.

“Right now, Tottenham needs a more aggressive, number 10 midfielder like Leicester City’s James Madison,” Hutton argued. .

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