In the meantime, I was too impatient. In order to survive the competition for survival in the 1st group, he only looked forward and ran. Could it be because of the psychological burden? Throughout the season, there were a lot of misses at bat, and the hits were uneven and fluctuating. But this year is different. As I set up my own routine, I gained more freedom in my mind. This is the story of Oh Yeong-soo (23), the original (?) infielder of ‘Omasan’ in NC.

Oh Young-soo, who is participating in the NC spring camp in Tucson, Arizona, USA, is sweating hard to overcome his weaknesses. He was already recognized for his long-running power and growth potential, but his rapid swing at the plate and his frequent miss swings were cited as weaknesses. To overcome this and become a sure first baseman.

One of the solutions is to establish your own routine. It means that you will take the initiative in training by establishing a routine 카지노that suits you. Oh Young-soo said, “In camp for the past few years, I only looked forward and ran. However, this camp seems to have given me more peace of mind to find a theme on my own and take the initiative in training. It’s good to be able to find a training method that suits me through the daily routine and prepare in advance.”

Last year, the first season after being discharged from the military, Oh Young-soo appeared as a first baseman and showed his presence. He played in 83 games and recorded a batting average of 0.238, 6 home runs and 31 RBIs, proving his potential for growth. Director Kang In-kwon, who is the commanding tower, also saw Oh Young-soo’s growth potential as high. But is it because of the burden of the first team stage? Last year, he had a lot of missed swings and the number of strikeouts was 58, more than hits (55). The lack of accuracy in batting and the detail of pitching emerged as a weakness.

You know yourself well. So, he arrived in the US two weeks before joining the spring camp and focused on correcting his swing mechanism while doing personal training. Oh Young-soo said, “I received an analysis of the hitting mechanism at the baseball training center in LA, and I felt that there were many weaknesses in my swing.” . He is going to keep his form well so that he can put it into action.”

Regarding this, NC hitting coach Song Ji-man said, “Last season, Oh Young-soo had a high miss rate. During the off-season, he went to the United States to identify problems and prepared for them.” He said, “Because you may feel uneasy about the change in the mechanism, the interview allowed you to change your confidence in your routine and your perception of pitching rather than the mechanism.” Explained. He added, “I plan to provide feedback so that Oh Young-soo can minimize his stress and maintain stability.”

From the perspective of NC, the growth of Oh Young-soo is the biggest answer. So, the performance in this camp is important. This is why attention is focused on what kind of appearance Oh Young-soo, who has found his slugging power in the 2023 season, as well as his peace of mind, will show.

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