Doosan started to build a sense of real combat. Live training started a week after the start of the camp.

On the 8th, when Doosan is holding a spring camp, the atmosphere at Blacktown International Baseball Center (Blacktown Stadium) in Australia was different from the morning. In particular, after the batters hurriedly warmed up, they formed groups of four and headed to the bullpen. This is because it is the first day the pitcher hits the ball after the start of camp.

Coach Koji Goto, who leads the team’s batting this year, said, “Because the realm of the senses is important in baseball, batters must also prepare. A batting ball and a live ball thrown by a pitcher are completely different.” Key hitters such as Kim Jae-hwan, Jeong Su-bin, and Jose Rojas began to ‘adapt their eyes’ against the closer Hong Kun-hee. Left-handed pitchers such as Kim Jun-ho, Choi Seung-yong, Lee Won-jae, and Lee Byung-hun stepped forward as training partners for the hitters.

When the training started in earnest, the batters first practiced setting the timing by getting acquainted with the ball. Kim Jae-hwan focused on sending balls to left field, and Rojas spent time checking the strike zone in the KBO League. He revealed his determination to make a great leap forward this season by training with a serious attitude, regardless of anyone.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop and head coach Kim Han-soo also watched the live betting with interesting expressions. The motto of this year’s Doosan Spring Camp seems to be ‘Encourage the players’. There was 메이저놀이터no criticism, only praise. Coach Lee said, “Other teams work hard, but Doosan players train competitively. I was surprised that I wondered if I could work this hard,” he said. Coaches, including the coach, emphasized that spring camp is where the applause takes place.”

Doosan, which started training to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher from that day, starts real live betting from the 13th. It is a training that is close to real life, with the beast standing without a safety net or batting cage. At this time, pitchers also learn how to deal with batters. It’s not 100% strength, but it’s time to check the pitches you’ve refined during the spring camp and find tasks to supplement in actual combat. The same goes for typing. When the live training is over, starting from the 18th, Cheongbaekjeon will begin the evaluation match system. This means that spring camp has come to an end.

Looking at the schedule, the spring camp period is not that long. That is why so-called ‘players with high calculations’ focus on conditioning, and young players focus on highlighting their strengths. It is necessary to verify competitiveness in a short time to be included in the first team entry, so the eyes of the players are bound to shine. My body is tired, but if I don’t move more, I won’t be able to hear the cheers of Jamsil Stadium. Doosan’s will to come back is surpassing the Australian heat wave.

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