Lucas Moura weeps as he bids farewell to Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham officially announced the breakup on the 19th (Korean time) on the club website, saying, “Moura will leave the club when the season ends after his contract ends.”

Brazilian winger메이저놀이터 Moura made his debut in Sao Paulo FC youth. After that, in January 2013, he moved to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for a transfer fee of 40 million euros (approximately 57.7 billion won) and stepped on the European stage. Moura, who spent five seasons at PSG, participated in 229 games and scored 46 goals and 48 assists. And in January 2018, he moved his nest to Tottenham for a transfer fee of 28.4 million euros (approximately 40.9 billion won).

At the beginning of his joining, he formed a trio with Son Heung-min and Harry Kane. Moura faithfully worked on the forward pressure and led the counterattack based on his quick power. In the 2018-19 season (49 games, 15 goals, 2 assists) and 2019-20 season (47 games, 7 goals, 5 assists), when he played as his main player, he left a strong impression by raising a number of offensive points.

But after that, Moura’s place in the team gradually weakened. He has hardly been a regular starter this season. In the end, Moura was not offered a renewal contract, and his player also decided to organize his life at Tottenham.

Moura picked Tottenham’s best game as the second leg of the semifinals of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) in the 2018-19 season. Tottenham, who was pushed out just before being eliminated in the semi-finals, succeeded in reversing with Moura’s miraculous hat-trick and advanced to the final. Despite losing to Liverpool in the final, Amsterdam’s miracle led by Moura went down in UCL history.

Moura said of the match against Ajax, “That match is the best moment of my career. It seems like it was yesterday. I remember all three goals and the last goal in the semifinals. I don’t know what to say. I will keep these moments in my heart for the rest of my life.” was troubled “It’s emotional. I’ve been at Tottenham for a long time and I’ve been adventurous. I’ve had a lot of good moments and I’ve had good friends. I’m sure my experience at Tottenham was a blessing. It was beautiful.”

To Tottenham fans, “I don’t want to think of the last day. I gave everything. If I have to say one more word, it was special. The five years I spent with Tottenham were full of support and affection. Thank you so much. You will forever be in my heart. Tottenham.” “I love you. It was a great adventure to play for the Tottenham fans. I gave 100% of my passion every time and showed how much I love Tottenham and how much I love football. I will always be Tottenham.”

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