Harry Kane’s move to Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Man United) is becoming visible.

British media outlets said that Manchester 메이저사이트 United had prepared a ‘live ammunition’ to sign Kane.

Tottenham’s chairman Daniel Levy is a person who runs the club thoroughly in business. In simple words, he is using players to make money.

Because of this, his interest is not winning the cup competition. He has to win to get no money.

Instead he’s putting his neck on the Champions League. because it makes money That’s why he goes all-in for the 4th in the league.

This is why Tottenham has been unrelated for 15 years.

Kane emphasized that fourth place in the league was not a successful season. He says he wants to win.

Tottenham’s vision is only to take care of the money. There is no such thing as a long-term plan. I am very satisfied if I recruit players appropriately and remain in the Champions League no matter what.

I feel sorry for Son Heung-min, who wants to play for a club like this until he retires.

As a player, winning should be your goal. It doesn’t mean much to remain as a club legend.

When Son Heung-min comes to the market, he can be treated better than he is now.

This is why he has to move to a club whose goal is to win every year.

Forget Tottenham. Tottenham can become a bigger player only when they get away from the extravagant feeling of being a club that has made them the confidence they are today.

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