“It was a surprise.”

Striker Ilyuchenko (33, Germany), who was selected as the second “foreign captain” in the history of the FC Seoul club, said this when asked about the moment coach Ahn Ik-soo proposed the captaincy.

He debuted in the K-League through Pohang in 2019, and the following year he scored 19 league goals (26 games) and was reborn as a top striker. He moved to Jeonbuk in 2021 and scored 15 goals (34 games). Then, last year, after experiencing difficulties in the competitive composition of Jeonbuk foreign players, he received a love call from Seoul메이저사이트, which desperately needed a front-line goalkeeper, and wore a dark red uniform in the second half. Although Seoul stayed in Final B (lower group) for two consecutive seasons, he relieved some of the weight in the front by scoring 7 goals (16 games). Aside from scoring, his unique desire to win and fighting spirit became a model for his teammates and captured the heart of coach Ahn. This is the reason why he became Seoul’s second foreign captain after Osmar, the ‘foreigner’s father’.

Ilyuchenko met with reporters in Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, the second training ground, and said, “I have claimed in Germany, but it is the first time in another country.” “I know we won when Osmar captained in 2016. I hope this will serve as a signal for good results.”

On the 15th, the first training after being appointed as captain, Kokubu Stadium in Kirishima City. After training, standing in a circle with his teammates, First Class Chenko delivered a message for a few minutes. He said, “There are many experienced players in our team, such as going through the European stage. He said, “Please help me make important decisions to become a team.”

Ilyuchenko took over the captaincy, and there is also a change in the foreign ownership limit from ‘3 + 1 (1 person in the Asian quarter)’ to ‘5 + 1’ this season. It is also his job to catch all the foreign players who have a high proportion of power. When he was playing in Pohang, ‘1588 (Ilyuchenko · O’Neil · Palosevich · Palacios) foreign musketeers’ was a hit. Even at that time, Ilyuchenko played the role of leader and was known as ‘dad’. This season, in addition to Ilyuchenko, Palosevich and Osmar, Seoul added Willian and Hosam Ayesh. “If I was a father in Seoul, Osmar would be a grandfather,” he said bluntly. “Although we have different cultures, we can all communicate in English. It will create synergy.”

He also mentioned expectations for Korean national striker Hwang Eui-jo, who joined as a ‘short-term loan student for six months’. He said, “It felt good when I played with Hwang Ui-jo (evaluation matches in Japan, etc.). He felt good chemistry even when he stood as a two-top,” he said. “After six months, Hwang Eui-jo has to go back (to Europe), but I believe he will do his best to help.” I was satisfied with being able to share with Hwang Eui-jo the burden I shouldered alone as a ‘scorer’ at the forefront last year.Ilyuchenko mentioned ‘a united team’ several times during the interview. “I never thought I had to score a few goals before the season,” he said. Soccer is a team sport. You have to do well as a team. Then everything shines. Only then will I be able to raise a lot of points.”

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