It was last year when the drama ‘Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo’ became a hot topic. An acquaintance who is active in volunteer work suggested self-defense classes for children with ‘intellectual disabilities’. Perhaps because of the popularity of the drama at the time, various organizations provided various educational programs for these children, and they recommended me to the self-defense program.

But after thinking about it for almost a week, I politely declined the offer.

My martial arts master has been practicing martial arts for 70 years, and has been teaching martial arts for over 40 years and nurturing disciples. From the point of view of the students, the teacher would be the best martial artist and at the same time a teacher with excellent teaching methods.

But my teacher once said this to me. “I am still lacking. I have never taught people who have lost a body part or who are born with such difficulties. Their use of the body is clearly different from ours. I’ve never taught such people, so I still can’t say I fully understand the movement of the human body.”

The previous two stories are about ‘preparation’. Those who find it difficult to properly enjoy even the most trivial of things that are normal for ordinary people. What are we all doing to ensure the safety of people with disabilities?

In the first story, I was confident when I first received the class offer. This is because recently, as incidents such as sexual assault against people with disabilities, especially those with disabilities, have been frequently reported in the news, I thought that self-defense should be taught if an opportunity arises to prevent such incidents in advance.

However, he had only the will and was completely lacking in preparation. As she studied for class, it was difficult to get a sense of the extent to which she lacked cognitive and motor skills.

In particular메이저사이트, if the class was to meet one-on-one, it would be possible to change or supplement the content immediately after seeing the reaction of the subject, but what was suggested was a group class of about 20 people. There was a possibility that the children would be seriously injured in the self-defense class, where they bumped into each other if they lost sight of each other even for a moment, let alone conduct the class properly. In the end, the confidence I had at first turned into regret for not being able to prepare in advance.

The second story is an ongoing homework. One of those who learn self-defense from me suffered severe injuries to both the muscles and ligaments in his legs in an accident, so he can’t even walk fast. The first step in self-defense is running, and it is impossible to escape from the spot by running. In addition, since the strength in the legs is not properly applied, it is difficult to hold out when the opponent pushes or to push the opposite way. In the end, I’m trying to convey a way to shake off the opponent’s threat with only my upper body and arms.

Also, there was a person who had a disability in his right arm, so he used his left arm mainly. For this person’s class, despite being right-handed, I tried to live with only my left arm for a while, and after tying his right arm completely and attaching it to his body, I practiced whether I could keep my balance while moving quickly.

However, in fact, most self-defense techniques require a great deal of time and effort to learn properly, even if you can use both hands and feet. I am still thinking about whether I have really taught these people the best self-defense technique.

At the beginning of the column, I talked about running, falling, and swimming as necessary self-defense skills in daily life. This is because he is a basic coping ability to protect himself in unexpected situations that are easy to happen in everyday life, even if he is not in a situation where he is threatened by someone. However, it is still difficult to find individuals or organizations that are ‘preparing’ to systematically teach these classes for those with ‘disabilities’.

No, in fact, it is too short for one individual or one group to do all the preparation. It is time for the government and society as a whole to come forward and think about something together and ‘prepare’ for those who are likely to be marginalized in the realm of ‘safety’.Director Noh was a reporter and worked for MBN and Sports Chosun for 10 years, and started practicing Jeetkunedo 20 years ago. He is currently running a JKD KOREA dojo in Gangnam, Seoul.

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