Atlanta appoints Snyder as manager.

‘ESPN’ reported on the 27th (Korean time) that the Atlanta Hawks had signed a five-year contract with manager Quinn Snyder.

Atlanta recently fired manager Nate McMillan and was running the team with acting manager Joe Prunty. Acting coach Fronty extinguished the fire by winning both games holding the baton.

Manager McMillan took over as acting manager during the 2020-2021 season and led the team to the Conference Finals. At the time메이저사이트, expectations for Atlanta grew, with young players such as Trae Young and John Collins growing through rebuilding, and McMillan signed a four-year contract with Atlanta in the summer of 2021.

However, after becoming the official manager, MacMillan’s move was disappointing. After barely reaching the playoffs as the 8th seed last season, they were eliminated in the first round, and this season, they were in a hurry to shoot with a 50% odds ratio. 

The problem is that even though the composition of the compliant team was in place, the noise continued. Problems with team chemistry continued to be pointed out, starting with rumors of disagreement with the team in Collins’ first year of a major contract. Recently, there was even talk that Ace Young, who had clashed with the manager, could seek a trade this summer.

As a result, Atlanta welcomed new manager Snyder in anticipation of his role as a savior. Coach Snyder has led his team to the playoffs six years in a row at Utah. The fact that he had a close relationship with the players while coaching Utah is also positive for Atlanta, which has to solve the team chemistry problem.

Young, who even had the stigma of being a director killer, is known to have expressed his passion for meeting director Snyder. According to ESPN, Donovan Mitchell, who played for Utah, tipped Young off about how Snyder’s leadership had affected his development.

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