The seagull has returned to the old city of Busan after a long wandering.

‘Busan Seagull’ was the same song as the symbol of the Lotte Giants. Along with ‘Yeonan Pier (SSG Landers)’ and ‘Southbound Train (KIA Tigers)’, it was also a more loved cheering song with a strong regional color. The thrilling melodies resounding at each match in the 7th and 8th episodes and the chorus of 30,000 spectators that followed were a specialty representing Busan along with the nickname ‘Sajik Karaoke’.

It was in 2018 that the Busan Seagull disappeared from Sajik Stadium.메이저사이트 It is the aftermath of the copyright scandal of professional baseball cheering songs that blew in 2017.

Professional baseball lost support from fans for a while as it went through the Corona 19 pandemic. Even after the audience reopened, it was replaced by using ‘Come back to Busan Port’ one timing earlier.

This year, Lotte has been preparing with extraordinary determination, such as the appointment of a new CEO and the recruitment of three free agents. Through constant off-season efforts, he contacted the original singer of ‘Busan Seagull’ and agreed to revive it as a cheering song again after 5 years. It can be officially called from the home opener on the 7th.

Lotte coach Larry Sutton played as a foreign player in the KBO League from 2005 to 2006. It is a song that left a strong impression on Sutton, a player at that time.

“It was the first game I played at Sajik during the Hyundai Unicorns days. I went out to defend left field. And the Busan Seagull rang out.”

Director Sutton said, “Of course, the sound was loud, but the faces of the fans who sang that song are still memorable. I could see how passionate each one was. I want to feel the thrill I felt at that time again.”

After laughing, he said, “Isn’t Lotte fans the best fandom in Korean baseball?” Then he laughed, “My favorite song is also Busan Seagull. It felt good to listen to it on my commute sometimes, but now I can listen to it at the baseball field.”

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