Steel magic is rooted in KT Wiz.

Lee Kang-cheol (57) kt coach has to spend more time than anyone else in the off-season. As the coach of his team kt, he has to lead the spring camp until the 13th of next month, and from the 14th, a day later, he will lead the national team training as the national team command tower.

kt has to send away first-team coach Lee Kang-cheol and Futures coach Kim Ki-tae as the national team coach and hitting coach, respectively. A kt official explained the background, saying, “Of course, the team and season are important for the club. 온라인카지노

Spring camp is the most important time to prepare for the next season. The vacancy of the head coach who will lead the season is fatal, but coach Lee Kang-cheol has already completed all preparations. Although he was away, he made plans to prepare for the season with rooted steel magic.

When head coach Lee Kang-chul is absent, head coach Kim Tae-gyun (52) directs team training. Coach Kim Tae-gyun is closer than anyone else to coach Lee Kang-cheol. In 2019, coach Lee Kang-cheol took over as kt coach and took over as head coach, working together fantastically for four seasons.

Coach Kim Tae-gyun, who knows steel magic better than anyone else, has watched Lee Kang-cheol’s direction and leadership for a long time. He seems to fill the role well even in the director’s absence. At the pre-meeting, we had enough discussions about the direction of the spring camp. The Futures League, in which coach Kim Ki-tae will be away, will also proceed without a hitch under the guidance of coach Seo Yong-bin. Coach Seo Yong-bin took over as the team’s Futures League coach for two years from the 2021 season to last year, so he plans to lead training so that coach Kim Ki-tae’s absence is not felt.

A kt official said, “There is no problem with the team (regarding preparation for the season). Coaches who have been with us for 3-4 years are with us without any major changes to the coaching staff.”

The same is true for the fact that there is no major change in the composition of the squad. kt signed a free agent contract with offseason infielder Kim Sang-soo (33) and recruited foreign pitcher Bo Chul-seo (28). Since there are no other major changes, players who know the colors of coach Kang-Cheol Lee can proceed with training normally.

Although the leader is away, the steel magic rooted in the team will still exert its power. I wonder if kt will produce meaningful results in the spring camp even in the absence of a coach.

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