Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia, is in danger of being kicked out after being booed by fans and provoking him.

Saudi media ‘MEMO’ reported on the 21st (Korean time), 안전놀이터“A Saudi lawyer is pushing for Ronaldo’s expulsion from the country because of his ugly behavior.”

Previously, Ronaldo lost 0-2 to Al-Hilal in the 25th round of Saudi professional football held on the 19th, and while entering the locker room, some fans chanted the name of his rival Lionel Messi and booed him, making an obscene gesture of grabbing his crotch with one hand. took

Saudi Arabia is outraged by this. Nouf bin Ahmed, a Saudi professor working for the United Nations, said: “Ronaldo’s actions are criminal. For foreigners, detention and deportation are required. It is an act of obscenity in a public place, which is a crime that leads to arrest and deportation.”

Professor Ahmed added, “I will submit a petition to the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Saudi government,” adding, “I strongly request the Saudi prosecutor to expel Ronaldo.” Multiple local media outlets in Saudi Arabia are also pouring out intense criticism, saying, “Ronaldo has polluted Saudi culture.”

Meanwhile, Ronaldo wore the Al Nasr uniform this winter for a huge amount of 200 million euros (about 290 billion won) in annual salary. Despite Ronaldo’s eccentricities, Al Nasr, his team, covered him, saying, “Ronaldo is suffering from an injury.”

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