Cristiano Ronaldo kept his composure despite being beaten up.

Portugal won 3-0 against Bosnia and Herzegovina in the third leg of Group J of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Euro 2024 qualifier held at Estadio da Rus in Lisbon, Portugal on the 18th at 3:45 am (Korean time). With this, Portugal maintained first place in the group with 3 wins (9 points).

Portugal used a 3-4-2-1 formation. Ronaldo was in the front line, while Joao Felix and Bernardo Silva supported the attack. The midfield was played by Rafael Guerreiro, Bruno Fernandes, Joao Palinha and Joao Cancelo. The three backs were Danilo Pereira, Ruben Dias and Antonio Silva, with Diogo Costa in goal. Bosnia featured Edin Dzeko and Sead Kolosinac.메이저놀이터

Portugal broke the tense flow of the game. In the 23rd minute of the first half, Cancelo’s cross from the right flank rushed in, but Ronaldo hit the head and shook the net. However, the assistant referee declared offside and the goal was disallowed.

Portugal, who caught the mood, eventually shook the net first. In the 44th minute of the first half, Bruno caught Ronaldo’s pass and stabbed a killer pass. Silva flooded it and showed a calm finish. Portugal dominated the game in the second half. In the 32nd minute of the second half, Bruno scored an additional goal. Bruno managed to score with a fantastic volley in the extra time of the second half. In the end, the match was won by Portugal 3-0.

However, a problem arose regardless of the outcome of the game that day. Britain’s ‘The Sun’ said, “A fan broke into the stadium and lifted Ronaldo into the air. The fan crouched with his arms wrapped around Ronaldo’s waist. But Ronaldo didn’t seem to be shaken at all. We continued to play like that,” he said.

The intrusive fan took various actions in front of Ronaldo. At first, they hugged each other as if to express their gratitude, then knelt down and took a prone position. The second lifted Ronaldo up. Afterwards, he took a pose that seemed to imitate Ronaldo’s signature ceremony, ‘Heavy Celebration’.

The problem is that the security guards couldn’t stop him during the entire 15 seconds he did it. It was a situation that could lead to a serious accident. In the future, it seems that we need to pay special attention to stadium security issues and player protection.

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