Pittsburgh Pirates starter Rich Hill, 43, paid tribute to the future Hall of Fame member.

In an interview with the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan on the 18th (Korean time), Hill looked back on his pitching (6 innings, 1 hit, 2 walks, 7 strikeouts, no runs).

After allowing an infield hit to Matt Bealing, the first batter in the first inning, he did not give up a single hit. “I threw according to the plan as the catcher requested. I loved the feel of the ball coming out of his hand. He went where he wanted the ball,” he said of his appearance on the day.스포츠토토

Rich Hill paid tribute to Miguel Cabrera. Photo =ⓒAFPBBNews = News1
He also talked about an interesting scene from the match with Miguel Cabrera (40) at the end of the second inning. At the time, after Cabrera hit a grounder on first base, he ran for first base cover and had a speed confrontation (?), laughing, saying, “It was fun, but I wish I had run a little faster.”

After having Cabrera out with a short hair difference, he had a light conversation and laughed, saying, “There was no trash talk,” and then said, “He is one of the best players in history. He has played against him for years, but it is a great honor to be playing on the same field as him.”

Coach Derek Shelton said, “When Donnie (bench coach Don Kelly) saw that scene, he said that the player who hit, the player who caught the ball (Carlos Santana), and the player who caught the ball were all 120 years old.” , Hill also did well. As a result, we caught the out,” he said, looking back at the scene at the time.

Regarding Hill’s pitching, “The fastball was well out of the body, but the curve was the best. It was the best curve I’ve seen this season. He took opponents off balance,” he praised his curve.

“I think Cutter was very special,” catcher Austin Hedges said. He highly praised the cutter, saying, “It helped me catch hitters who came in thinking only about fastballs and curveballs.”

After Hill said, “I mixed the cutters in the second and third confrontations with the opponent’s lineup,” and said that mixing the cutters worked, he said, “The attack was good, and Hedges was really good. The performance of the bullpen was also amazing. He thinks the defense was good too. Key (Ki Brian Hayes) showed Gold Glove-level defense, and Bae Ji-hwan also did well in center field. Santana also had good first base defense. He highly praised the performance of his colleagues, saying, “He did everything well, from routine play to difficult defense.”

“There are some setbacks, but we are working hard,” he said. “When young players follow the lead of veterans like Andrew McCutchen, Santana and Hedges, understand the long process of 162 games, and work hard every day, it will work. I am learning that I will do it,” he said about the team atmosphere.

Pittsburgh scored 8 points in the game that day and showed active development of offense. “If you can keep the offense going, good things happen,” Shelton said. There are times when we make strong batting balls and there are times when we don’t, but if we keep attacking, we can make productive innings.”

A former batting coach, he said, “I know from experience, but it’s easy to have negative thoughts when sluggishness continues at the plate. It is important to maintain a positive attitude,” he stressed the importance of a positive attitude.

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