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Koh Moo-yeol, who had won the championship in Asan, appeared to the home fans in Asan’s uniform for the first time in four years. He was not in 100% condition yet, but he left hope with his excellent linking play.

Chungnam Asan FC won 2-0 against Seoul E-Land FC in the 7th round of the ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ held at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex at 4:00 pm on the 15th. With this victory, Chungnam-Asan ranked 9th in the league with 8 points, while Seoul E-Land stayed in 11th place with 4 points.

Ahead of the game, good news came to Chungnam-Asan.먹튀검증It was the news of the return of former national striker Koh Moo-yeol. Koh Moo-yeol was listed on the replacement list that day and received a lot of expectations. Before the game, coach Park Dong-hyuk also expressed his anticipation, saying, “It’s a pity that the possession time in the attack area is short. It will be different if there is rubber fever.”

Koh Moo-yeol is a veteran who has played in 302 K-League games. In 2021, when he was a member of Gangwon FC, he suffered a ligament rupture injury in his left knee. After that, it took a long time for his comeback.

Koh Moo-yeol did not extend his contract with Gangwon and returned to Asan, where he served in the military. Ko Moo-yeol’s joining drew a lot of attention. It was evaluated that he minimized the gap created by the transfer of top scorer Yoo Kang-hyun. However, the condition of rubber fever did not come up as long as I rested for a long time. Koh Moo-yeol has never been on the list while playing 2 FA Cup matches and 6 league matches.

This day was his comeback. With a 2-0 lead, manager Park Dong-hyeok chose a change in attack to score multiple goals. In the 33rd minute of the second half, Ko Moo-yeol entered the field instead of Park Min-seo. He took his first touch with a dribble in the attacking area in the 36th minute. Ko Moo-yeol made a leisurely connection play. He also recorded a shot in extra time in the second half.

Koh Moo-yeol proved his skills for 15 minutes. Koh Moo-yeol maintained the tempo in an attacking situation as directed by coach Park Dong-hyuk and showed linkage play. The return of Ko Moo-yeol is good news for Asan, which has been weak in attack. As a veteran, Ko Moo-yeol is expected to add strength to Asan’s attack.

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