Kim Min-seon 7 (20) is a ‘new face’ that is attracting attention on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour this season. A former member of the national team, he finished runner-up in the Dream (Part 2) Tour last year. She placed within the top 20 of the money list (13th) and secured a regular tour seed. Kim Min-seon 7, who is tall (177 cm), has an average driving distance of 260 yards (approximately 238 m). Because of her exciting style of play, she is called the ‘Giant Rookie’. Last year, he signed a sponsorship contract with Daebang Construction, and signed a contract last month with Wow Management Group, which includes Park In-bi (35), Yoo So-yeon (33), and Lee Jeong-eun 6 (27). It means that her growth potential is recognized.먹튀검증

Kim Min-seon 7, whom we met at the Suwon Country Club (CC) in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 2nd, was in the midst of preparing for her debut season. Returning to Korea two days ago after completing the training camp in Vietnam, he was sweating at the practice range from morning even before the opening class of the Korea National Sport University, where he is currently attending.

Kim Min-seon 7 said, “There was really no chance to recover the number of bats. He felt that he had to be more careful with every play,” he said of his feelings competing against the first division tour players. After obtaining seed rights, she participated in two tournaments (Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open and PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship) in the 2023 season tour held in Southeast Asia in December of last year. “My goal is to consistently rank in the top 30,” he said. She also wants to achieve her first win of the season and the Rookie of the Year award.”

He first encountered golf at the age of nine when he went to a driving range with his mother. After school in his elementary school, he learned golf through his activities and walked the path of a golfer in earnest. He was attracted to being able to send the ball far with little effort. Kim Min-seon 7, who was over 170 cm tall in her first year of middle school, she wore the Taegeuk mark in 2021 and competed in the Women’s Amateur Asia Pacific Championships (WAAP) held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where she tied for 7th place and she was top listened to 10

Kim Min-seon, 7, who participated in the field training in Vietnam led by Lee Si-woo (42), director of the Big Fish Golf Academy, learned a lot by watching Ko Jin-young (28), who is ranked 3rd in the women’s golf world, right next to her. Kim Min-sun 7 said, “I was surprised to see her sister Jin-young, who did not come down from her plate until she had a problem fixed. She also took advice for various approach situations,” she said. His role model is also Jinyoung Ko and Jungeun Lee, who is also affiliated with Daebang Construction. Kim Min-seon 7 said, “I want to become a player who has both Jin-yeong’s ability to immerse herself in the game and Jung-eun’s bold game management.”

Kim Min-seon7 has a dream of one day playing on the world’s best stage, the LPGA Tour. This is the reason why he changed the number to 7 after Kim Min-sun 5 (now Kim Si-won) and then 6 in the order of joining the tour. Kim Min-seon 7 said, “On the American stage, Lee Jung-eun 6 is called Six. I changed it to 7 because it would be confusing if her sister and sponsor were the same, and even the title was the same. She laughed and said, “I hope the day when she is called Six and I am Seven will come soon.”

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