The kits Tottenham Hotspur will wear next season have been leaked.

England’s ‘Football London’ said on the 24th (Korean time), “Some fans will pay attention to the uniform to be worn in the 2023-24 season. In 2018, Tottenham and Nike signed a 15-year contract. This season, the bright yellow ‘Volt’ ‘ home kit, an away kit that resembles a wetsuit, and a creative turquoise third kit. Let’s see what the kit will look like next season.”안전놀이터

The uniforms were spread through ‘Footy Headlines’, a media specializing in football equipment and famous for reporting the news of uniform leaks. HomeKit stands out for its classic design. As usual, Nike and the club emblem were treated in navy blue on a white background. The main sponsor ‘AIA’ was treated in red. Its unique feature is that the ends of the sleeves are finished in navy blue.

If you look closely, the details are added. ‘Pooty Headlines’ said, “What makes Tottenham’s home kit unique for the 2023-24 season is the graphic design. Various shapes such as circles, oblique lines, and squares are subtly engraved on the front of the uniform,” along with a close-up photo. It may be plain, but it is a new season uniform with classic and detailed charm.

Away has changed in several elements. A dark blue color was added to the background close to dark blue. Here, Nike and the club emblem are processed in rainbow colors. It is also noticeable that the armpits and the AIA sponsor are treated in light purple. ‘Football London’ said, “The away kit features the first iridescent logo in the club’s history. It was leaked at the end of last year, so you may already be familiar with it.”

He added, “Away kits are often released a month after home kits. They are expected to be released during the pre-season tour of Australia, Thailand and Singapore in mid-July.”

How about a third kit that draws attention with its unconventional design every season? Nike, the club emblem, and the AIA sponsor are blacked out on a dark gray background. The harmonious combination of colors has resulted in a design that is comfortable for everyday wear. The media added, “Next season’s third kit feels monotonous. Usually, third kits are released at the beginning of the season.”

Currently, Tottenham is desperate. In the last round against Brentford, he took the lead with Harry Kane’s opening goal, but lost by allowing three runs in a row. As it was the last home game of the season, the disappointment was even greater. Only the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa Conference League (UECL) remains, but there is no self-advancing. Tottenham have to hope that Aston Villa will be caught by Brighton in the same time after beating Leeds United in the final round of the season.

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