San Antonio rookie Sohan’s lively reaction is a hot topic.

While watching the 2023 NBA Playoff Western Conference Finals game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets held at the Ball Arena on the 19th (Korean time), Jeremy Sohan threw a shot at LeBron James.토토사이트

Midway through the game, James tripped in big action after Nicola Jokic pushed very lightly during a loose ball trial. Former coach Jeff Van Gundy, who was in charge of commentary at the time, said, “No. It is absolutely not a foul,” he said, embarrassed by James’ action.

The highlight is Sohan’s reaction. Sohan is a rookie born in 2003 who entered the NBA through the 2022 draft. He is a player with a strong My Way tendency, enough to stick with pink hair when he entered the NBA. As soon as he saw the actions of his senior colleague James, he immediately struck a blow on his personal SNS, saying, “Why does James, who is called King, do so much flopping?”

It was a remark that showed his disposition at once. He started the season with pink hair, dyed it fluorescent yellow, and shoots free throws one-handed, not paying attention to anyone. He did the same for the seniors. As soon as he thought he was weird, he drew a lot of attention by blowing a strong blow on social media.

Meanwhile, Sohan was selected with the ninth pick in the first round of the 2022 draft after graduating from Baylor University. He has the physical condition of 206 cm and 104 kg. Throughout his season, he has been a stalwart in San Antonio’s backyard. He played 56 games in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season, averaging 11 points and 5.3 rebounds.

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