The Phoenix Suns got a chance to add power.

According to ESPN reporter Brian Windhost, Phoenix could be the destination for Kevin Love (forward-center, 203cm, 114kg).

It is questionable how active Phoenix will be, but it is considered as one of the rear teams that can jump into the recruiting battle.

If Phoenix takes Love, he will be able to strengthen his inner strength this time. If Phoenix, who has already strengthened his bench power by catching Terrence Ross, who has already become a free agent, takes Love, he will build up to the height well.

They brought in Kevin Durant and TJ 온라인바카라, Warren ahead of the trade deadline, but Durant can’t play right now. He gave away a number of forwards instead. Durant’s in, but he needs to buy time. It may be regrettable, but if love is added to the loss, it is expected that there will be no problem in maintaining power right away. Above all, after Durant joins, it is possible to build a strong power.

They took Love, and if Durant comes in, he can really back Deandre Ayton. It is equipped with an outside shot, so Phoenix can use various tactics depending on the situation. With Devin Booker and Chris Paul already in Phoenix, with Durant at the forefront, Love may be able to attack more easily.

Whether or not to participate is a priority, but if he plays in Phoenix, it is expected that there will be no problem with playing consistently. Instead, he may have a little less playing time compared to other clubs that are already keeping an eye on him. Not only is Phoenix’s power pretty solid, but it’s because his frontcourt power never lags behind. It is expected that the success or failure of Love’s recruitment will be decided in this area.

Meanwhile, reporters Shams Charania and Jason Lloyd of The Athletic reported that the Miami Heat were interested. But when Cleveland terminated Love’s contract, he may not have wanted to go to the same conference, Miami. Also, the Portland Trail Blazers and the Los Angeles Lakers are expected to jump into Love’s scouting battle.

Miami will immediately secure a backup center to support the snake Adebayo. In addition, the power forward position is still vulnerable, so it is expected that he will be able to play a lot of time. Portland also has Yusup Nurkic, but as there is a limit, Love with offensive power can be used. The Lakers deserve to fill Thomas Bryant’s spot.

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