Anywhere at shortstop or third base is good. My goal this year is to establish myself (as the starting pitcher). Confidence is different.”

KIA Tigers Kim Do-young showed confidence for the new season.

The KIA team left for the spring camp for the 2023 season to be held in Tucson, USA via Incheon International Airport on the 30th.온라인카지노

‘Super Rookie’, ‘The 2nd Lee Jong-beom’… These are splendid modifiers for Kim Do-young, who was in his debut season. Anticipation reached its peak when he won the batting title in the demonstration game. The rookie award looked like a prize that had been won.

The reality was tough. He had 181 plate appearances in the first half alone, but he had a batting average of 2.2, 3 homers, 15 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.625. In the second half, he caught on and hit 2.8 3s, but he was primarily assigned a third baseman and pinch runner role rather than a shortstop.

This is why Kim Do-young desperately needs a new season. Kim Do-young, whom I met before departure, said, “I’m happy just to go abroad for spring camp this year. I’m excited and I think it will be fun. This year, my resolution is different.”

It was a disappointing debut season. Kim Do-young expressed strong motivation, saying, “I received a lot of opportunities at the beginning of last year, but I did not seize them. This year, I prepared hard so as not to miss the opportunities that came along. Finding my place is my top priority. Any position is good.”

He was scheduled to go to Geelong Korea, but was canceled due to injury. Kim Do-young emphasized, “Because it’s a protection level at the club, I think I was treated just for that. I decided to think positively. I wanted to spend the off-season as faithfully as possible. I put emphasis on physical strength and core training.”

Regarding the reversal in the second half, “At the beginning of the season, there was confusion as I changed my batting form a lot. In the second half, it is positive that I found myself and played more comfortably.” “he emphasized.

“I talk a lot with senior infielders like Park Chan-ho and Ryu Ji-hyuk. We are not small in age, but I am very happy that they made me feel comfortable. In particular, (Park) Chan-ho hyung directly tells me how to do this, which is a big help.”

A new start as Kim Do-young, not a super rookie. Kim Do-young said, “I think my body felt a burden. This year, coming to the baseball field itself is comfortable.” If you give, the salary seems to follow. (Asian Games) Taegeuk mark is the same. I want to be trusted by the coach,” he repeatedly emphasized.

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