Park Byung-ho injured his thigh muscle while running to first base with all his might after scoring an infield hit on the third base side with two outs on first and second base in the bottom of the 8th inning against the Suwon Samsung Lions on April 29, 2-2. He was immediately replaced by Moon Sang-cheol.

He was placed on the injured list and was out for more than ten days. From the beginning of the season, kt, whose main players left due to injuries, was losing 7 consecutive times at the time, and on this day, they lost 2-3 and suffered 8 consecutive losses. On top of that, with Park Byeong-ho, the immovable 4th hitter, leaving due to injury, kt almost fell into a moribund state.

10 days later,먹튀검증 on May 10, he returned to the entry from the match against Suwon NC, but there was no chance to play. It is difficult for him to start the starting lineup right away, so he was looking for an opportunity to step out as a pinch hitter, but he couldn’t afford to step out.

Then, starting with the match against Lotte on the 12th, he only acted as a pinch hitter and recovered little by little. No hit in 1 at-bat in 3 consecutive games against Lotte.

Then, normal base running became possible, and on May 16, against Jamsil LG, he was named as the starting 4th hitter for the first time in 16 days.

On this day, Park Byung-ho scored 3 hits in 4 at-bats, including 2 doubles. In the top of the 3rd inning, trailing 0-4, Jo Yong-ho’s timely hit made up 1 point, and continued with 1 out 1st and 3rd base, 2 RBI doubles that hit the top of the fence in the middle. It was a disappointing hit as it did not result in a home run. In addition, in the top of the 5th inning, when the score was 5-5, Park Kyung-soo’s left-handed hit went out and scored with a sweeping double by Park Kyung-soo, contributing to the second big inning with 4 runs.

Thanks to Park Byeong-ho’s performance, kt beat LG, who hit 4 home runs with 15 hits, including 1 home run, 12-7, and escaped from a 2-game losing streak. Personally, it is regrettable that there has been no news of a home run for more than a month since the season 2 home run against Hanwha on April 14, but Park Byeong-ho’s return as the 4th hitter is sure to be a great boost to kt, which was suffering from poor scoring power.

kt was selected as a clear candidate for the second round this season. However, after 30 games, they are still at the bottom of the leaderboard. The win-loss margin is -12.

Last year, kt struggled in 8th place until June 2nd, the 52nd game, and then gradually raised the rankings, eventually finishing in 4th place in the regular league.

With the return of Park Byeong-ho, Ju-gwon, a member of the bullpen, has returned, and there is also news that Hwang Jae-gyun of Bae Jeong-dae will return soon. Attention is focusing on whether kt will be able to make a breakthrough with this opportunity.

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