Australian FW who sniped Giroud openly, solved the misunderstanding and succeeded in exchanging uniforms

Jason Cummings, striker of the Australian national team, who had openly attacked Olivier Giroud, cleared the misunderstanding and succeeded in exchanging jerseys. ‘Sports Bible’ said on the 23rd (local time), “The story of Giroud and Australian football star Cummings was one of the interesting stories at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.” exchanged”. The

‘Pied Piper’, his post-retirement plan is ‘movie star’

 “My dream is to become a movie star!” Jesse Lingard has opened up about his retirement plans. Lingard, who plays for Nottingham Forest, has shown his own ‘talent’ since his Manchester United days. He showed off Lingard’s unique excitement in ceremonies and plays. The flute dance is representative. Sometimes there were times when it was too much, but such