The possibility of Choi Ji-man (32, Pittsburgh Pirates) participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) was questioned.

Lee Kang-cheol, coach of the WBC baseball team, met with reporters at Incheon International Airport on the 27th and said, “I haven’t been contacted and I’m checking, but I have to wait. There is still time.” Choi Ji-man was named in the WBC final entry (30 players) announced on the 4th. However, he was not confirmed for participation. The initial variable was ‘injury’. He was included in the 50-man interest list for the preliminary entry concept in November last year, but later underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in his right elbow. 메이저놀이터

He is undergoing rehabilitation and needs approval from the Pittsburgh club to participate in the tournament. But recently, another variable has been added. is a salary adjustment. Salary adjustment is a system in which the mediation committee mediates and adjusts the salary if the club and the player cannot reach a contract, and players with more than 3 years and less than 6 years in the Major League (MLB) are eligible. According to Mark Paynesand of, the MLB official website, Choi Ji-man is facing a club that has offered $4.65 million (5.7 billion won) by asking for an annual salary of 5.4 million dollars (6.7 billion won) for the 2023 season. The salary for the 2022 season is 3.2 million dollars (3.9 billion won). If his salary deal doesn’t get completed, he could be under pressure to step up to the WBC.  

Coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “I know that a decision will be made soon.” I’m ready to pull out,” he said. Based on the 50-person interest list, only Choi’s replacement resources are Oh Jae-il (Samsung Lions) and Chae Eun-seong (Hanwha Eagles). However, he can also select players who are not on the interest list.  

Director Lee laughed, saying, “There are Kim Hyun-soo, Park Hae-min, and even Choi Jeong (to replace Choi Ji-man) at first base.” When asked by reporters, “Is it possible to select a substitute for a different position?”, he said, “It may be so.” He added, “First of all, Ji-man comes first,” and added, “If it doesn’t work, you have to think about a plan.”

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