Neymar, 31, has been linked with a return to Barcelona, as well as Chelsea and the Saudi Arabian league.

“Neymar has asked PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi to leave the club this summer,” France’s L’Equipe reported on Aug. 8 (KST).

Neymar’s desire to leave PSG is due to his disappointment with the fans.바카라사이트 Last season, Neymar was limited to 20 league appearances due to injury. Despite his limited appearances, he scored 13 goals and provided 11 assists in the league, finishing fifth in the Ligue 1 attacking points. He was also second in assists behind Lionel Messi (16). It was a decent performance, but one that drew criticism from fans as PSG crashed out of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) for the second year in a row. Arrows were also pointed at Neymar, who missed a lot of games due to injury.

“Fans went to Neymar’s home in May to protest,” says Requiem. Neymar remembers the shock of it,” explaining that “Neymar was also angry at the club for not caring about him when he was threatened by the fans.”

Neymar (left) tries to break through.

Neymar (second right) looking to attack.
His diminished role in the team is also a factor in his decision to leave PSG. “New coach Luis Enrique doesn’t see Neymar as a key player in the team,” Sky Sports reported on the same day. PSG are keen to sell Neymar in order to build a younger squad.” PSG parted ways with aging stars like Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos at the end of last season and brought in a number of new faces this summer, including Lee Kang-In, Serge N’Dour, and Manuel Ugarte. Rather than focusing on name recognition, the team has also added competitive players such as Luca Hernandez, Marco Asensio, and Milan Skriniar.

According to L’Equipe, Barcelona is where Neymar wants to go. However, Barcelona is not in a financial position to pay Neymar’s high price tag and salary.

Lee Kang-in (left) and Neymar. /Photo=PSG Official Social Media
PSG paid a whopping €220 million ($317.7 million) to sign Neymar in 2017. Six years later, it still stands as the most expensive transfer in soccer history. This is why it’s hard to sell Neymar on the cheap. PSG reportedly wants at least €80 million ($115.5 billion) for Neymar. Neymar currently earns €56 million a year at PSG. Even if Neymar were to reduce his salary at Barcelona, it would be beyond the financial reach of the club.

Neymar has also been linked to Chelsea in the English Premier League (EPL) after a period of silence. “Chelsea are set to hold talks with Neymar about a move,” reports the Daily Mail. According to the publication, Chelsea owner Todd Boly sees Neymar as part of a rebuilding program.

“Chelsea have been keen to bring Neymar to the club for some time,” said the Daily Mail, adding that “Chelsea’s financial strength could provide a way out for Neymar, who is keen to leave PSG”. “PSG are also expected to accept a £70 million bid for the player if one comes in.”

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique (left).

Neymar (center) during team training. /AFPBBNews=News1
However, the likelihood of a deal happening is unknown. While the Boly owners want Neymar, Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has expressed a negative view. “Pochettino is concerned about Neymar’s suitability for the style of football and culture he wants to implement at Chelsea,” said the Daily Mail, adding that he is “weighing up signing a promising young player rather than a superstar like Neymar.”

The Mirror also reported on Neymar’s possible move to a Saudi club. “A Saudi team, which has recently signed a number of the world’s biggest stars, is said to be eyeing up the opportunity after reading that PSG are looking to sell Neymar for £70 million,” it said.

South Korean fans have reacted with disappointment to Neymar’s departure from PSG. They may not get to see Lee and Neymar play together. The pair first teamed up in the third leg of the Coupang Playoff between PSG and Jeonbuk Hyundai at the Busan Asiad Stadium on March 3. Neymar, making his return from injury after nearly six months, started and Lee came on as a substitute midway through the second half, creating a “dream lineup” for fans. Neymar started on the left flank, with Lee playing around 21 minutes in the center. Lee, who is still not 100% recovered from his hamstring injury, played lightly and tried to link up with his teammates rather than make big moves. Neymar finished with two goals and an assist to lead PSG to victory.

A smiling Lee Kang-in (left) and Neymar.

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