Major League Baseball (MLB), which introduced innovative rules this season, is enjoying more than expected effects from the beginning of the season.

The 2023 Major League Baseball, 메이저놀이터which banned pitch clocks and shifts and expanded the size of the base, is attracting fans’ interest as the phenomenon of ‘riding two players’ has strengthened compared to previous years, but the average game time has been shortened by 31 minutes, the Associated Press reported on the 11th (hereinafter Korean time). told

The major league, which opened on the 31st of last month, was played for 11 days until the 10th, and as a result, the league average batting average improved by 1 penny and 6 li from 0.233 to 0.249 during the same period last year.

Unfortunately, the batting average of left-handed hitters, who were expected to benefit from the shift ban, rose from 0.228 last year to 0.245 this season, but right-handed hitters rose even more from 0.236 to 0.253.

The increase in base size from 15 square inches to 18 square inches increased steals by 30%.

Last year’s average of 1.0 stolen bases per game increased to 1.3, and the success rate also rose significantly from 74% to 79.6%.

In the 11 days after the opening, pitch clock violations occurred 125 times in 141 games, recording 0.89 per game.

However, the biggest purpose of major league introduction of the new rule, the game time, has been greatly shortened.

From 3 hours and 9 minutes in the same period last year to 2 hours and 38 minutes this year, a whopping 31 minutes decrease.

Players and coaches who originally opposed the introduction of the pitch clock and shift prohibition regulations are now accepting the effect.

“The new rules don’t interfere much with the game,” said Cleveland Guardians manager Terry Francona.

Colorado Rockies first baseman CJ Cron said, “It’s the first time I’ve experienced anything like this, but time passes quickly when I’m on defense,” and “it always seems to happen.”

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