Bayern Munich is watching the situation of Manchester City. They are trying to lower the price of the full signing of Joao Cancelo, who came to Munich on loan this winter.

Manchester City are in an unprecedented crisis. The English Premier League (EPL) Secretariat announced in an official statement on the 6th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time) that “the EPL Secretariat has charged Manchester City with violating Financial Fair Play (FFP).”

The scale is also enormous. Between 2009 and 2018, Manchester City were under investigation for more than 100 allegations, according to Martin Ziegler of The Times. Manchester City said in an official statement: “We welcome the review of this matter by a separate committee to give impartial consideration to all evidence supporting the club’s position, and we hope that this will be fully resolved.”

Once again at the center of controversy. Manchester City were also punished by the European Football Federation (UEFA) for violating the FFP in 2020. At that time, as a result of an appeal to the International Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), the charges were cleared due to insufficient evidence and the expiration of the statute of limitations.

It is a serious matter that can lead to the expulsion of the league. If all charges currently indicted are admitted, there is메이저사이트 a good chance that a strong disciplinary action such as a point reduction or expulsion from the league will be entailed. If sanctions are applied separately for each season, there is a possibility that all the brilliant league championship records of the 2010s will be blown away.

While EPL clubs are watching the situation of Man City, another club is watching Man City. That’s Munich.

Munich brought Cancellu on loan this winter. He does not pay a single penny for rent, proving once again that he is a master of rational consumption. There is an optional full recruitment clause, but at the rather high price of 70 million euros (approximately 95 billion won), Munich will not trigger it.

Things could be different if Manchester City are expelled from the league. Reporter Christian Polk, who is well versed in Munich news, said on the 10th, “Munich will closely monitor Manchester City’s investigation. If something happens to Manchester City in the near future, Munich may sign Cancelo for a lower transfer fee.” .

If Man City is punished, the financial blow is inevitable, and if it goes to the EPL, players may be sold at a cheap price. Munich are waiting for Cancelo to become cheaper as Man City’s situation worsens instead of triggering a full transfer clause.

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