An unfortunate misjudgment came out at Sajik Stadium in Busan.

On the 7th, when the KT Wiz and Lotte Giants match was held at Sajik Stadium in Busan, KT scored a goal due to the referee’s mistake in applying the rules.

At the beginning of the 4th inning, when KT was leading 2-0, Kim Sang-su’s batted ball with 2 out, 1st and 3rd base became a problem. The ball hit by Kim Sang-soo hit second baseman Lee Young-jae and was deflected to the left.

At this time, the runner on third base hit home 메이저놀이터and the score was 3-0, and runner Park Kyung-soo on first base advanced to third base, followed by two outs on first and third base. Afterwards, the referee sent Park Kyung-soo, who went to third base due to a dead ball, to second base, but allowed the runner to score.

However, according to baseball rules, even a runner on third base had to return to third base. According to Baseball Rule 5.06(c) 6, ‘when a fair ball that does not touch an infielder (including pitcher) is hit by a runner or umpire in fair territory, or a fair ball that does not pass through an infielder (other than pitcher) is hit by an umpire – Each runner who must clear a base by becoming a runner advances.”

In other words, since the ball hit by Kim Sang-soo was immediately hit by referee Lee Young-jae, the ball was dead, and Park Gyeong-soo, the first base runner, had to give first base to Kim Sang-soo, so it is correct to go to second base. However, since the third base runner is not pushed, it is correct to stop at third base without going home. In other words, in a 2-0 situation, the game should have continued with the bases loaded with two outs.

However, no one on the Lotte side protested against this, so the game continued with the score 3-1.

The KBO later said about this situation, “It is true that the rule was applied incorrectly.” However, it does not correct the score. Although the application of the rule was wrong, Lotte did not protest and the game was just continued, so it was recognized as a goal.

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